Yoga in old age, a real testimony

27 August 2019

Yoga in old age, a real testimony

Yoga in old age, a real testimony

Yoga is a physical and mental activity that aims at the union of body and mind, promoting the integral balance of the person at all levels. It promotes relaxation, balance and awareness.

The word yoga has several meanings: controlling, uniting, concentrating.


The saying goes that "youth is flexibility and old age is rigidity." To reinforce this saying, there is the realization that the fall of a boy is not a big problem, as it is often said to be “rubber”, but the fall of an adult, and particularly an elderly, is a very serious problem and sometimes with fatal consequences. Cultivating dexterity and flexibility to advanced ages is possible and fundamental.


“I discovered yoga about thirty years ago. I stumbled upon yoga in 1989 when I saw a yoga advertisement for active people in the corner of the teachers' classroom at the Domingos Sequeira Secondary School in Leiria. I signed up. The schedule wasn't even favorable, one of the classes was at 8 pm on my heaviest day. The morning was filled with five hours of math classes and the afternoon with training courses in the mold industry in nearby Marinha Grande. Although I was a young teacher of 35 years, at the end of the day I was tired, but the yoga class made me “new”!


Yoga class was unlike anything I knew in terms of exercise. It consisted of breathing exercises of yoga and physical postures performed with some slowness that, however, allowed to perform great stretches and flexions. The postures were performed standing, sitting and lying down and ending with oriented relaxation. The elongated body, tranquility and well-being conquered me for yoga.


The teacher of these yoga classes was the engineer Fernando Santos, Portuguese with Transmontan and Goan ancestry. This is how I came into contact with an unknown eastern wisdom.

In classical yoga, Raja Yoga (or ashtanga yoga), the postures are performed in a static way and this makes us more aware of our breathing and our body. There are other proposals for approaching yoga that are more dynamic and with more intense and faster postures. These yoga proposals are aimed at young people and in particular for people with good physical fitness who want to develop physical strength.


My suggestion as a yoga teacher is to try it: known the various types of classes, in different spaces or in nearby cities. You will probably find the most pleasant approach / teacher to energize and soothe your body. The signal of pleasure and well-being that your body gives you at the end of class is key to this choice.

If your doctor has indicated for moderate exercise, try yoga. It works for me, and today, at the age of 65, being a yoga teacher is a hobby that keeps me active, flexible and healthy. ”




Nefetali Amante, Yoga Instructor at Bodylab Academy