Workout Duration vs Intensity, what matters most?

04 November 2021

Workout Duration vs Intensity, what matters most?

Workout Duration vs Intensity, what matters most?

One of the issues that still needs to be talked about, and that sometimes raises some doubts is the importance of workout duration vs. intensity.

Which is the most important? To answer in a very simple way, it is important, first of all, to clarify that the effectiveness of training is not directly associated with time, but rather, what we do and how we do it will be decisive for obtaining the desired results.

In this sense, then what kind of training will be right for me? It all depends on the level of preparation or physical condition we are in, as well as our goal. Some current studies show similar or superior results in shorter workouts and at higher intensities compared to longer workouts. However, not all people are prepared to perform high intensity training. Therefore, it will be important to carry out progressive work adapted to the individual needs of each person.

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Regardless of the duration of training, the intensity and quality will be preponderant for a good adaptation and evolution for more demanding training. Therefore, the quality of movement should be the main initial concern, in order to provide a greater demand from the body as a whole, but mainly, minimizing the risk of injury. However, between duration and intensity, in our opinion, intensity will always be the most important. However, we must understand and respect the interdependence between volume and intensity, finding the necessary balance between the two, in order to challenge our bodies safely and effectively, but without any risk to our health.

Bearing in mind that lack of time is one of the main reasons pointed out for most people not to exercise regularly, then we can carefully and planned to adjust the training to higher intensities, thus looking for a more efficient workout. In other words, in time, with shorter and more intense workouts we will not only be able to reach our goals as also benefit from the same results of longer workouts.

Ricardo Jesus, Personal Trainer

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