Whey protein for women

14 November 2018

Whey protein for women

Whey protein for women

It is very common to see that women have more difficulty achieving physical goals, even with regular exercise. Most of it is due to post-workout dietary mistakes and protein shortages in your diet.

After training we should opt for substance-rich choices that will nourish our muscles to replenish the energies and nutrients consumed during the workout. It is also important that we opt for substances that give input to our body to build muscle mass.

So if you are a woman and practice regular exercise, Whey protein is a great help to achieve your fit goals because:

① Provides the essential amino acids for muscle regeneration and to increase muscle mass synthesis.

② Helps reverse the tendency of women to accumulate fat instead of muscle mass.

③ Helps accelerate metabolism, leading to increased fat burning and increased use of food substrates for energy production.

④ Promotes satiety and decreased energy intake in the subsequent meal.

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Which protein to choose?


Isolated Whey Protein with low levels of fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol and lactose.


Isolated Whey Protein that has been subjected to an enzymatic process to reduce the size of the protein fractions in small peptides, which provides rapid absorption. Ideal to take after training.

By Carla Santos, Pharmacist