WHEY PRO - why choose this protein?

01 March 2021

WHEY PRO - why choose this protein?

WHEY PRO - why choose this protein?

Whey protein is considered a fast absorption protein, with high digestibility and increases muscle mass, as it contains a large amount of essential amino acids.

Whey protein is extracted during the process of processing milk into cheese.

Whey Pro by Rocksprint is a concentrated whey protein (as opposed to isolated protein or hydrolyzed), a supplement that in addition to protein, also has carbohydrates, fat and a good amount of amino acids (BCAA's) in its composition. The use of this protein leads to increased muscle mass (hypertrophy) and muscle recovery, having a good price-quality ratio.


Key Benefits of Whey Pro:

- Increase and maintenance of muscle mass;

- Increased satiety;

- Better digestibility;

- Accelerates post-workout recovery;

- It promotes muscle glycogen synthesis.

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Whey Pro besides providing whey protein, is enriched with L-Glutamine, so that the cells use it in increasing muscle synthesis. L-Glutamine promotes cell nutrition effectively by transporting nitrogen into muscle cells, replenishing glycogen stores, preventing muscle damage, and fighting catabolism and muscle stress.

Thus, Whey Pro can be taken in the post workout, for muscle recovery and avoiding catabolism, or in the pre-workout, to nourish the body and prepare for the practice of physical activity.

For a better benefit, Whey Pro should be associated with a balanced diet and regular exercise practice.

For better results, you should always follow the advice of a professional. Take advantage of the exclusive Rocksprint service and book your FREE Sports Nutrition counseling here.


By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist