What are the best post-workout meals?

31 March 2022

What are the best post-workout meals?

What are the best post-workout meals?

A good recovery is crucial to the athlete's good performance, as his performance and adaptations to training will be done faster. This requires post-workout meal with the essential nutrients.

The post workout meal should contain nutrients that promote the repair of muscle microlesions caused by training and the replenishment of depleted energy reserves during training. In addition to good nutrition, restoring fluid and electrolyte balance lost through perspiration is also a priority for good recovery.

The meal after training should be taken immediately after training (first 30 minutes to 1 hour) as our body is more receptive and thus absorption is easier.


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Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for increasing or maintaining muscle mass as it contains essential amino acids that promote this muscle building. These nutrients in a post workout meal are critical, yet the amounts depend on each athlete, their body composition and the goal.

Another important macronutrients in a post-workout meal are carbohydrates, which are the ones that lead to muscle glycogen replacement. Since rapid absorption is intended, the priority is to consume high glycemic index carbohydrates so that recovery can be done more quickly. Similarly, the amount depends on the type of sport and athlete.

At a meal after training it is also important to strengthen your intake of omega 3 rich foods to shape inflammation. In addition to these, eating antioxidant-rich foods help block and counteract the action of free radicals produced during exercise.

All nutrients can be obtained through diet, but supplementation may be necessary because the athlete's total needs may not be completed filled. Post workout supplements are an easier way to meet the needs of each of the nutrients. There are several options for supplements, so the choices should be on each athlete's need to ensure good nutrition.

Here are some suggestions of post-workout meals:

- Cinnamon sprinkled egg whites + dried fruit

- 1 slice of bread with boiled egg and poultry ham + 1 handful of raspberries

- Rice or corn tortillas with fresh cheese or smoked salmon

Cocoa and Peanut Butter Smoothie (recipe)

1 large banana
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
180 g of skyr yogurt or quark cheese 0%
180 ml of vegetable drink
1 tablespoon of peanut butter

- Put all ingredients in a blender.
- Grind until creamy and even. Drink right away.

Nutritious Bars (recipe)

300 g of oat flakes
100 g peanut butter
150 g of dried fruits
50 g of seeds
100 g of cocoa
60 g honey
6 Whey Protein Scoops

- In a grinder chop the nuts and cocoa and grind until it has a coarse granule.
- In a bowl place the previously crushed nuts, peanut butter, honey, oats, seeds and whey protein. Wrap everything until it has a homogeneous mixture.
- In a baking dish, place this blend and press until it is the same height. Bake at 180º for about 20-30 minutes.
- Remove from oven and let cool. When they are warm unmold and cut into bars.

Enjoy your meal and… good workouts!

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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