What are the best exercises to lose weight?

27 December 2021

What are the best exercises to lose weight?

What are the best exercises to lose weight?

When the goal is to lose weight, a set of compound exercises or functional exercises is often prescribed. However, are these the best exercises for fat loss?

Let´s see: if the goal is to lose weight, isn't it ideal for lean mass to increase? If the goal of a hypertrophy workout is to gain muscle mass, doesn't it make sense to be this fat loss workout? Which will be the most important? Train like a "crazy" or have a more careful diet? Do a lot of cardio or focus more on bodybuilding?

In order to say that exercise is the best for weight loss, we need to take into account all the specifics that can make it most effective among the dozens we have at our disposal. In addition to all the specifics of each, there is the fact that the best exercise can only be a transitional exercise. That is, an exercise can be very good for someone at anytime and then stop making the desired effect or or stop making sense in the person's training. The best training has to take into account each one's anatomy and distinctive physiology. In addition, the fact that an exercise does not have only one goal, ie not only hypertrophy, weight loss or mobility. It is much larger and differentiated, so it cannot be lightly cataloged as more or less, better or worse.

Therefore, the answer to the question "what are the best exercises to lose weight" is: "It depends!". Before prescribing any exercise, we must always answer questions such as: who is it for? What is the point? What is the exercise tolerance? What dose to apply? In short, we should not say that one exercise is better than another. What is ideal for me may not be for you. It may not even serve as training.

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Nevertheless, in general, I believe that in cases of fat loss, a resistance work should be privileged in order to increase lean mass. That is, to perform work that optimizes the whole body with adjusted loads to promote cardiovascular increase and great muscle wear.

Of course, the cardio exercises we do in the middle of a workout (jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc.) increase calorie expenditure. The problem is that it happens at that moment. The considered work of strength - both with body weight and with external resistance, leads to the increase of muscle mass, which in turn effectively helps in the reduction of body fat.

During training, large muscle groups should be trained with exercises such as squat or leg press, two options that set in motion large muscle masses and with high energy expenditure. We can’t also neglect the large upper body groups that can be worked through chest press, lat pull down, pull over and push up. This set of six exercises is one of the simplest, and in principle and with the proper cautions for each individual, most people can do it for general body work. It is appropriate to say "keep it simple, make it work!".

Obviously training plays a key role in achieving such a difficult goal as fat loss as it will give you a strong boost, but never forget: the best action for fat loss starts on the plate with a proper diet.

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By Sandro Silva, Personal Trainer

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