Weight loss supplements - Part II

29 June 2018

Weight loss supplements - Part II

Weight loss supplements - Part II

Today we will talk about other supplements that will help you in the process of weight loss and also leave a suggestion of a supplementation plan to reach your goals in weight loss faster.

Contrary to what we said in the previous article, we will not focus on localized fat, but rather in the time of ingestion.

1 - Satiating or appetite suppressants

As the name implies, these supplements promote a greater and faster satiety, inhibit the appetite, and are indicated for those who want to reduce the amount of food eaten - either because they eat too large meals or spend the day to snack, especially sweet foods.

Glucomannan - is a soluble fiber, obtained from the root of the plant Amorphophallus konjac, better known as konjac. In the stomach, and in the presence of water, it forms a viscous mass that adheres to the walls of the stomach, providing a sensation of satiety and gastric fullness. For this reason, glucomannan can be an effective ally in weight loss (the recommended dose is 3g per day).

Chromium - is an essential mineral that regulates insulin levels, responsible for the correct metabolism of carbohydrates. In addition, it helps to control the appetite for sweets, promotes fat burning, weight loss and increased muscle mass.

Protein - that is, protein is not only the essential nutrient for increasing muscle mass. This supplement can also help reduce fat mass and promote satiety. Protein Isolate Whey, which is a low-sugar, low-fat, filtered Protein or Casein may be used, since the latter has low glycemic load ie promotes increased insulin sensitivity. In addition, as it enhances muscle mass, it helps increase basal metabolism, facilitating weight loss.

2 - Blockers

This group of supplements aims to significantly reduce the intestinal absorption of carbohydrates or lipids that, when consumed in excess, promote the accumulation of fat, with consequent increase in weight. There are fat adsorbents and carbohydrate absorption blockers.

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Chitosan - is a fiber of animal origin, extracted from the exoskeleton of crustaceans with the ability to bind to the fat molecules in the stomach and prevent its digestion. These micelles formed by chitosan and fats are later eliminated through feces.

Phaseolamine - is a glycoprotein extracted from white beans that reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. It acts by blocking the action of α-amylase and α-glycosidase. As there is no degradation of the starches into simple sugars, the intestine eventually excretes through the faeces a good portion of the carbohydrates ingested during the meal.

3 - Meal substitutes

Meal substitutes can come in powder form in liquid or solid form (as in the case of protein bars). They are effective in the process of slimming, since they promote a significant energy restriction. However, some care is needed in its use so as not to fall into the error of replacing all meals of the day with this type of supplements.

Example of a Supplementation Plan for Weight Loss

Wake Up - Whey Protein*

After breakfast - CLA

Before Lunch - Blocker: Chitosan + Phaseolamine

After Lunch - CLA

Before Training - L-Carnitine and / or Thermogenic with Caffeine

After Workout - Whey Protein*

Before Dinner - Blocker: Chitosan + Phaseolamine

After Dinner - CLA

At bedtime - Casein*

Total Protein of the Day = Food + Protein Supplements (Whey and / or Casein), should not exceed the daily need for reference.

Tip - You can replace a meal of the day with a protein bar.

Attention! This is an example of a supplementation plan but you should always have specialized and individualized technical advice. You can schedule a free counseling specialized on Sports Nutrition here.

In addition, there are no miracle supplements, the basis of everything has to be a balanced diet and a proper workout.

By Joana Correia, Nutritionist