Waxy Maize, maximize your results!

01 June 2020

Waxy Maize, maximize your results!

Waxy Maize, maximize your results!

Waxy Maize is a supplement produced with a special type of starch called waxy corn starch. It is an innovative carbohydrate that allows you to obtain instant energy to give the maximum in a workout.

Waxy Maize is a fast-absorbing, fat-free source of carbohydrates, contains no gluten and does not cause swelling or fluid retention.

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This supplement has multiple benefits:
- Provides instant energy: replenishes glycogen levels in muscles faster than dextrose and maltodextrin, promoting energy in an instant and prolonged way;

- Ergogenic effect: stimulates the will and the ability to train;

 - Improves the absorption of nutrients (Creatine, Arginine, Beta-Alanine): “captures” the most difficult nutrients to absorb through the intestinal wall;

- Improves recovery after intense training: quickness in facilitating glycogen synthesis enables muscles to recover quickly;

- Fast muscle nutrition: it has a higher molecular weight and low osmolarity, thus allowing to “cross” the stomach wall so that it can be absorbed directly by the muscles;

Waxy Maize maximizes your training effort and helps you to be ready for another one.

To make the most of this supplement, we present some combinations with other supplements:

-Waxy Maize + Creatine: improves performance and intensity;

-Waxy Maize + BCAA’s and / or Whey Protein: helps to increase levels of protein and amino acids in order to more easily recover muscle that has been broken down;

- Waxy Maize+Glutamine: improves recovery and muscle fatigue.

Did you have doubts if this is the right supplement for you? Schedule your free online consultation with one of our sports nutrition specialists, on the exclusive Rocksprint Counseling service.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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