Walking, an increasingly fashionable practice

09 January 2019

Walking, an increasingly fashionable practice

Walking, an increasingly fashionable practice

At present, there is clear the evidence of the cult of the body and care for health and well-being.

In this sense, physical activity is seen not only as a practice associated with leisure and pleasure, but also as a possible mechanism for combating numerous pathologies associated with the contemporary lifestyle, as well as a means to reach the "ideal body".

According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), physical exercise is considered a primary factor in improving health and quality of life in general. Over the last few years, the relationship established between the concepts of physical activity, quality of life and health has shown tremendous growth.

Now, as a result of scientific evolution, and increasing information access, in recent times physical exercise has come to be considered, and well, a "medicine" because it promotes more health and better quality of life. In the days that follow, more and more people start regular physical activity, which is great news! We practice physical exercise for several reasons, and this is advisable for the different age groups.

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Like other types of activities, walking has multiple health advantages, including increased muscle strength, development of physical fitness, weight management, triglyceride level regulation, insulin, increased bone density and improvement of psychological well-being, as there is a release of endorphins that conveys a sense of satisfaction and tranquility.


Let's look at some reasons that make walking such a sought-after activity and accessible to the population:

- Does not imply a specific environment, and can be carried out in different contexts, be it in the city, or in nature;

- It is assumed to be an excellent exercise from the cardiovascular point of view, considering that it presents not only incidence at the level of the heart and lungs, but also at the level of the skeletal muscular system;

- The intensity is easily adjustable, either through the speed of the execution or the slope of the floor;

- It does not require a great technical contribution to be performed, which makes this activity easily feasible, either by an athlete or a person without any experience in the field of physical exercise;

- In terms of equipment, with the exception of specific exceptions of certain individuals, the material needed to perform this activity is simple and inexpensive.


Soon we will publish an article on the benefits of walking. Pay attention!

By Tiago Oliveira -Personal Trainer

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