Vitamin D and Sports Performance

24 January 2019

Vitamin D and Sports Performance

Vitamin D and Sports Performance

Several studies show that Vitamin D deficiency impairs muscle function, muscle regeneration capacity, immune system, bone health and even cardiovascular function.

Recent studies suggest that Vitamin D maintains physical performance in athletes and other people who engage in some physical activity. For example, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) may be related to the availability of Vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that can be synthesized by the body after sun exposure. The main way to obtain this vitamin at certain times of the year is precisely exposure to ultraviolet radiation: about 10 minutes in the sun helps to produce enough Vitamin D.

However, sun exposure may be insufficient, especially during winter. Another cause related to Vitamin D deficits is indoor training. In these cases, there is a need to obtain Vitamin D by other sources, such as diet and supplementation.

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Main sources of Vitamin D

Food sources contain little amount of Vitamin D, however, there is the option of using foods enriched with this nutrient, such as butters, margarines, milk and yogurt.

Other known dietary sources of Vitamin D are:

• Cod liver oil.
• Salmon, sardines, tuna.
• Egg yolk.
• Fish and molluscs.

Some athletes will not have sufficient Vitamin D from sunlight because they have very little or no sun exposure, they always train indoors and deprived of natural light, as we have already mentioned. In addition, their diet is poor in foods enriched with this vitamin (and we have already realized that food sources are not very rich ...). In these cases, supplementation is essential to counteract the deficiency. With Rocksprint Vita D3 you get the solar vitamin that your body needs so much, because Vitamin D3 is the best natural source of Vitamin D.

By Joana Correia, Nutritionist

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