VITA D3, your best source of vitamin D!

17 August 2021

VITA D3, your best source of vitamin D!

VITA D3, your best source of vitamin D!

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin (absorved through fat). There are few foods that contain large quantities of it, so it should be obtained through sun exposure or through supplements.

Vitamin D has multiple functions in the body, the most important are related to the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus and muscle function, ensuring, among other functions, bone mineralization and muscle recovery.

Thus, a lack of vitamin D increases the susceptibility to a more fragile bone structure. Vitamin D deficiency is perceived as pandemic and multifactorial.

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Until a few years ago vitamin D was only associated with bone health and calcium metabolism, nowadays it is associated with the importance of training efficiency, modelling inflammation, improving immune and muscle function.

For athletes who train in environments with little or no sun exposure and food low in this vitamin, supplementation becomes even more important to counter this deficiency.

Daily recommendations for vitamin D are 600IU for children and adults (1-70 years) and 800 IU for ages over 70.

Rocksprint's VITA D3 has 100 µg (2000% Nutrient Reference Value) of Vitamin D3 per serving (1 capsule). Rocksprint's VITA D3 has the following main benefits:

- Normal absorption/use of calcium and phosphorus;

- Maintenance of normal bones and teeth;

- Maintenance of normal muscle function;

- Normal functioning of the immune system.

It is advisable to regularly evaluate vitamin D levels, particularly in athletes considered susceptible to having vitamin D deficiency, if not possible, an evaluation of the clinical and food history. Schedule your free online consultation with one of our Sports Nutrition specialists on the exclusive Rocksprint Counselling Service.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist.

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