Tips for avoiding injuries in sports

17 February 2022

Tips for avoiding injuries in sports

Tips for avoiding injuries in sports

Injurie? This is the term that athletes least want to hear, whether they are athletes of recreation or elite.

Those who exercise try to do their best to achieve the goals, but for this we have to guarantee the body all the nutrients it needs and perform the exercises correctly, in addition to including rest in the weekly training plan.

Injuries are an inherent risk to physical exercise itself, but can be prevented. The most common are ligament injuries, where total or partial injury of the ligament, which joins one bone to another, occurs and stabilizes the corresponding joints. There are also skeletal Injuries, which occur more at the level of the upper and lower limbs and the tendon Injuries, where there is inflammation of the tendons.

Here are some measures to minimize the risk of injury in the sports field:

1º Identify the factors that predispose to the occurrence of injuries
Injuries can be due to a number of factors, for example: exercise intensity, wrong body posture, misuse of machines / appliances, nutrient deficiency, wrong footwear / other equipment.

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2º Suplemmentation

GLUTAMINE by Rocksprint
It restores glutamine lost during exercise.
Performing intense and prolonged physical exercises reduces the availability of glutamine to the cells, which predisposes to infections due to weakening of the immune system and decrease in protein synthesis and collagen that are essential in recovery periods.

HMB 3.0 by Rocksprint
Prevents muscle damage and loss of muscle mass in injuries where temporary immobilization is required.

With Chondractiv ™ (Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II), it gives you a distinctive formula and with proven substances in maintaining joint health.
Collagen Joint Complex is great for rehabilitation of overload injuries.

JOINT 60 tabs by Rocksprint
To help regenerate cartilage, thanks to the powerful action of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. This supplement also contains vitamin C and Manganese, which help keep cartilage and bones healthy.

WHEY PRO by Rocksprint
Proteins play an important role in muscle repair, maintenance and synthesis. If the amount of protein ingested is lower than the needs, protein catabolism will occur preferentially and recovery between sports events will be compromised.

Taking a high protein supplement is great for promoting a positive nitrogen balance, because it promotes:

• decreased rate of protein degradation that occurs during training
• Hypertrophy
• muscle repair
• muscular adaptation
• reduction of fatigue

VITAMIN DAILY COMPLEX 60 Softgels by Rocksprint
It facilitates the elimination of damaged muscle cells and dead tissues, prevents accumulation of immune cells and fluids in the damaged tissue, accelerates the repair and healing process of the tissue. It also stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces pain and inflammation, increases fiber elasticity muscle damage, preventing muscle damage and, consequently, the occurrence of a new injury.

3º Correct nutrition and body composition
Proper nutrition is important not only to improve physical and mental performance, to support intensive training, but also to prevent and recover from illness or injury. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the diet plan to the exercise practiced, to adjust to the intensity of the training / tests throughout the year and to the body composition goals.

To adjust body composition the following Rocksprint supplements may be used:


Don't forget the hydration. Physical exercise, especially in endurance sports, leads to a substantial increase in sweat production, with significant losses of water and electrolytes. These losses have negative consequences on the health and performance of the athlete, which predisposes to the occurrence of a muscle injury. For example:

• increases heart rate
• decreases blood supply to muscles,
• modifies the use of muscle glycogen and energy production
• Feeling of early fatigue
• decreases contractility and elasticity of muscle fibers

By Carla Santos, Pharmaceutical

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