Tips for avoiding extra pounds on vacation

29 July 2021

Tips for avoiding extra pounds on vacation

Tips for avoiding extra pounds on vacation

After a year of work or study, finally the vacations arrive, enjoy the well-deserved rest and, perhaps, show some of the work done in the gym.

The problem is that in vacations the thought is to relax and prevaricate, eating what has been a restriction for the rest of the year.

So, without training and an unbalanced diet, the most likely is the toned body move to a body where the fat increase and the muscle decrease becomes visible and this aggravates the longer the holidays.

The best thing is to find a compromise, enjoy the holidays and at the same time keep the effort made so far. Enjoy the holidays, yes, but back renovated and without extra pounds in the luggage. Find out how with our tips for avoiding fat gains on vacation:

- Drinking water: the habit of ingesting 1.5L to 2L of water per day should be maintained and not replaced by sugary soft drinks or regular alcoholic beverages. This will increase abdominal volume and cause fluid retention. To reduce this discomfort, you can choose to use a drain supplement, like Rocksprint Drainer.

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- Do not exceed the caloric consumption: these days opt for foods rich in water and light meals, for example, salads, fruit, jellies, avoiding the excesses of sweets and ice cream typical of this time. Although you are free to sporadically prevaricate in a meal, choose to use a blocking supplement of fats and sugars (Block) in order to minimize the "damage". You can choose to also use a Detox in order to facilitate digestion and not to get the feeling of discomfort;

- Physical exercise: during the holidays try to stay active, with light physical activity such as: walking / running on the beach, playing football or volleyball, swimming, dancing or other activities that you like, in order to keep the metabolism active and fight the accumulation of fat and loss of muscle. If you've worked for a toned body and you still want to be physically active, you should use thermogenics that help activate your metabolism and burn fat and, at the same time, use an isolated whey protein or HMB to prevent muscle loss.

By following these tips, vacations don’t need to be a drama, but rather a rest for the body and mind and reload energy for the next season of work.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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