The health benefits of physical activity

30 November 2020

The health benefits of physical activity

The health benefits of physical activity

The practice of physical activity has numerous health benefits, not only for the body but also for the mind. When combined with a healthy diet, physical exercise allows reducing, or even preventing, the appearance of diseases.

There is no age or gender defined to be able to practice physical exercise, the important thing is that it is appropriate to the abilities and / or tastes of the person concerned, adapting the frequency, duration, intensity and type of sport practiced.

Advantages of physical exercise

With regular physical exercise, the human body undergoes morphological and functional changes, and it’s for this reason that disease is avoided or postponed, in addition to improving resistance / capacity for physical effort.

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Some studies report that a person's level of physical activity influences body composition and that constant physical exercise is able to decrease the amount of body fat, increase or preserve fat-free mass, which includes lean and bone mass.

Among the main health benefits of physical exercise, we can highlight:
- Weight control, or even reduction;
- Improvement of body composition;
- Improvement of cardiovascular and respiratory function;
- Reduction of stress and anxiety;
- Strengthening of body bones;
- Reduction / prevention of the onset of metabolic diseases;
- Assistance in the concentration and development of specific skills.

Disadvantages of physical exercise

Athletes who practice intense physical activities are subjected to strong impacts and accumulation of micro-injuries, where there is premature loss of collagen in the joint, muscle and tendon tissues, as well as joint wear and tear. This leads to premature aging when nutritional care is not safeguarded. Supplementation with 10g / day of hydrolyzed collagen is important to avoid this excessive and premature tissue wear.

Rocksagen Collagen Joint Complex presents a distinct formula with proven substances (Chondractiv™ (Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II)) in maintaining joint health, protecting and repairing. It has been enriched with an essential micronutrient, Magnesium, which supports normal protein synthesis and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. The formula also includes Vitamin C that plays a role in the normal formation of collagen.

Main benefits of Collagen Joint Complex

- Stronger bones and joints;
- Injury prevention;
- Cartilage preservation;
- Better mobility in training;
- Reduction of pain, inflammation and stiffness;
- Muscle growth, improving performance;
- Helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulite;
- Satiating effect.

Scientific evidence tells us that, in general, the impact of physical exercise on health has more positive points than negative ones, as long as it’s made to the right “measure” of your abilities, significantly increasing your quality of life.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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