The great advantages of Personalized Training

27 May 2021

The great advantages of Personalized Training

The great advantages of Personalized Training

Gone are the days when training with a personal trainer (PT) was accessible only to Hollywood stars… The personalized training service is now well established and present in the fitness industry.

While personal trainer service was once considered superfluous and expendable, it is now recognized as essential for many who recognize the impact that (well-administered) exercise can have on achieving aesthetic results and a superior state of fitness, health and functionality.

By choosing to train with a PT, the individual automatically moves from a collective sphere to a custom field. That is, you are not required to consume a standardized service, but will have a service designed and prepared to meet your individual needs.

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This makes it easy for us to understand why personalized training is closely associated with the safety requirement. Through the link created and the specific evaluations, PT will be able to carry out an elaborate study about the motor patterns and medical observations and develop a work in order to respect the reality of its client. In more specific cases involving a more delicate situation at the clinical level, the PT will seek to approach the health professional in question in order to generate the safest and interdisciplinary work possible.

The motivation generated by personalized training is also a strong reason why many people have given up on training alone, or on a collective basis. Faced with planning, the PT will be able to organize effective progressions, and at the same time will be able to generate different stimulus and challenges through the numerous training tools available on the market. The routine is something that does not exist in the monitoring of a PT, thus keeping the client well away from the demotivation and consequent abandonment of the training.

Finally, getting results is another important factor associated with personalized training service. The greater degree of commitment and consistency generated by following a PT, automatically triggers behavioral changes, making the client more receptive to adopting a truly healthy lifestyle, leading to optimal and sustainable results.

Complementing the Personalized Training service with healthy food and proper supplementation to your needs, is critical to achieving your goals more effectively and safely. Do you want to have the advice of a sports nutrition professional? Make an appointment now for free at the exclusive Rocksprint Counseling service.

By Gustavo Levy, Personal Trainer

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