The Best Natural Fat Burners

26 August 2021

The Best Natural Fat Burners

The Best Natural Fat Burners

All the activities carried out by our organism consume energy, including the digestive process. When it comes to weight loss, all strategies can be used and here we can include the use of food and thermogenic supplements.

Thermogenic foods and supplements have the ability to increase body temperature by increasing basal metabolism. That is, they speed up the metabolism so that it spends more energy to restore normal temperature values.

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These normally contain compounds such as catechins, capsaicin, ephedrine or caffeine that are proven thermogenic properties, helping to burn fat. Thus, we can consider the following compounds as the “natural fat burners” that work best: Pepper (chillies); Coffee (caffeine); Green tea; Ginger and Cinnamon.

In addition to these thermogenic compounds, protein can be considered a thermogenic nutrient, since, of all macronutrients, it is the one with the highest thermal effect, which forces our body to spend more energy on its metabolism, thus leading to the expenditure of accumulated fat.

Although these foods are an aid to weight loss when consumed daily, a balanced diet combined with regular physical exercise continue to be the most important factor in weight loss. Using natural fat-burning supplements can boost the results of your diet and training plan. Rocksprint's suggestion is:

CLA 2000 PROFESSIONAL: acts on the metabolism of fats, reducing the size of fat cells, consequently leading to weight loss. In addition, it facilitates the gain of muscle mass, which translates into a more defined body, with more muscle and less fat. Each shot of CLA 2000 Professional by Rocksprint includes 2000 mg of CLA to boost your results.

Benefits of Rocksprint's CLA 2000 PROFESSIONAL:
- Weight loss and increased metabolic rate;
- Increased muscle mass;
- Decreased blood cholesterol and glucose.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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