The benefits of short workouts

28 June 2021

The benefits of short workouts

The benefits of short workouts

Long ago it was hard to think that a productive and quality training could be done in less than an hour. It was assumed that training for many hours was good and effective, but that maxim has been changing more and more.

Nowadays, the focus is on the intensity of the exercise and not just its duration.

There are several types of short workouts, the most popular right now, according to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). As the name implies, it is a high intensity interval training that is based on repetitions of intensive exercise followed by recovery periods. The estimated training time (5´ to 8´) is expected to reach an intensity between 80% and 95% of each practitioner's maximum heart rate and recovery (can be done for equal periods) 40% to 50%. In total it can last from 20 to 60 min.

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The benefits of short workouts are:

- Saving time: with today's busy schedules, we have less time for everything, with this kind of training, this is no longer an excuse, as great results can be achieved through quick execution;

- Weight loss: all exercises release glycogen from the muscles, but high-intensity exercises do it faster and more effectively, which means that even hours later, during recovery, metabolism remains active due to the impact that the muscles have on the body, contributing a lot to weight loss;

- Increased aerobic / anaerobic capacity: the body uses nutrients such as glucose, fat and carbohydrates to produce energy for muscle, increasing aerobic capacity. In addition, it also increases resistance to lactic acid, contributing to increased anaerobic capacity;

- Improves blood pressure;

- Helps regulate cholesterol levels;

- Develops and maintains muscle mass;

- Can and should be easily adapted to the individuality of each.

A final point about this training method is the good vibrations present in the sessions, due to the desire of overcoming by the practitioners and the group spirit that is always very evident.

As with any situation, despite all the benefits, not everyone will be able to do so. You should always look for a professional and do the proper tests beforehand.

Good training!

By Lígia Alves, Personal Trainer in Bodylab Academy

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