The benefits of Rowing

05 July 2018

The benefits of Rowing

The benefits of Rowing

If you've never practiced Rowing, you should try it! First of all, I would like to answer to you why rowing or indoor rowing is an excellent option to stay strong and healthy. For this I leave you 6 reasons to practice this sport:

1. Anyone can row:  from the age of 11, all body types, all levels and skills;

2. It works the whole body: fantastic cardiovascular work. Each stroke uses 85% of the body's muscles.

3. Stronger and more flexible "Core": the rowing movement has a lot of strength, stabilization and flexibility of the abdominal and lumbar zone.

4. Low impact: low impact decreases possible joints damage . We even managed to control the intensity and speed.

5. Effective in weight loss: we can even spend close to 300 calories in just 30 minutes of rowing.

6. Easy access: any gym, rowing club, studio or stall has an indoor paddle.

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Rowing, when performed correctly, can become an excellent ally in training.

This sport has some peculiarities: the fact of using 85% of the muscles of the body makes it, besides being a quite complete exercise, it is an excellent option in the control of the fat mass and the maintenance of lean mass. We can even get to spend 300kcal in 30 minutes, there are athletes that easily reach 500kcal in 30 min!

Contrary to what many people may think, rowing works a large percentage of the muscles of the lower limbs (about 60%), in contrast about 30% is for the trunk and only about 10% for the lower limbs.

The intensity of the training is always managed by the person, because the more pulls the more resistance gets from the machine. Everywhere, we can easily find a rowing machine, whether in gyms, in pits or training studios.

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Now that you know the advantages of this beautiful sport, just start practicing!

Good paddles!

By Sandro Silva, Personal Trainer and Rowing Athlete