The 7 Supplements you need to take on vacation

17 July 2018

The 7 Supplements you need to take on vacation

The 7 Supplements you need to take on vacation

Holidays are synonymous with rest, leisure and travel. During the holidays we have the opportunity to know new destinations, new cultures and new gastronomy.

Taking a trip can have several negative effects on your immune system. The further the destination and the more different the environmental factors - climate, food, disease - the greater the likelihood of having some health complications.

When we think about travel and luggage, we remember clothing and footwear, hygiene products, cameras, battery chargers, among other things, but we easily forget and neglect equally important and, indeed, essential, "fellow travelers" to bring only good memories of the vacation !!!

Go from there, we selected a pack of 7 supplements that can not miss in your suitcase to make your vacation memorable and of course...healthier!

Melatonin: Jetlag can be very destabilizing and end up affecting the natural defenses of your body. When our circadian rhythm is changed - due to the stress of the trip, the fact of being in an unknown place, time difference, etc. - sleep is soon affected, you have difficulty falling asleep and your sleep becomes less refreshing.

Probiotic: Different foods and condiments, waters not always in the best conditions, change in bowel habits ... Result? Many travelers experience gastroenteritis with episodes of vomiting and diarrhea or, in other cases, constipation. To try to avoid this scenario, taking probiotics, that is, 'good bacteria' strengthens your digestive tract and your immune system.

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Supplement Vitamins and Minerals: When we are away from home we tend to eat less healthy meals and more processed food, so these supplements are useful to compensate for the lack of essential nutrients.

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Hepatic Detox: Holidays are synonymous with overeating - overeating (with poor nutritional quality, most of the time !!!), excessive drinking (and I'm not talking about water !!!), binges (...) etc, etc. , etc., so a Detox supplement to eliminate the "junk" accumulated in your body can become your best friend on vacation!

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Moisturizing drinks: From travel, from car or plane to long walks, through food that can cause digestive changes, moisturizing should be a priority. In addition to being recommended to drink plenty of water, you should take with you some waters enriched with electrolytes and carbohydrates that will be very useful in situations of dehydration and fatigue. Moisturizing gels are a very practical option, which can always be with you. Some even have caffeine...

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Caffeine Supplement: It is known that coffee fights fatigue and provides energy. It is also known that the Portuguese do not live without coffee. But remember that in your holiday destination, the most certain thing is that there are no spouts or cimbalinos (according to preference) everywhere. Therefore, to avoid symptoms of deprivation and gaining energy takes with you caffeine-based supplements. You can choose capsule or gel form.

Food for the trip: Yes, and why not bring your own lunch bag ??? If you go by plane you will not eat a loaf of bread that would be more useful as a throwing weapon than for food !!! Not to mention the saltine, which do all the honor to the name given to them - remember what we said above, (de) hydration, right ??? If you go by car, the endless hours of travel always open the appetite (and the Service Stations are at the level of any reputed restaurant with half a dozen Michelin stars - and I'm not talking about the quality of the meals, but the price…

You can choose:

Protein Bars - A bar of 20 grams of protein is enough to replace a meal and will give energy and control the urge to eat, preventing you from making unhealthy snack choices.

Instant Oatmeal - A practical and quick solution for your breakfasts or snacks. Just add water, milk or vegetable drinks and you're ready to eat. And you still have the option to vary the flavors, from vanilla, chocolate ... just choose your favorite!

Protein bread and biscuits - The advantage of consuming protein foods is being satiated for longer. As a vacation we miss at meal times, if you eat more protein foods at mealtimes you can control yourself better in main meals, especially if you travel on an all inclusive basis, and so keep the line, even on vacation!

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Vacations can be a real dream or a real nightmare so remember these tips for your next trip!

Good vacation!!!

By Joana Correia, Nutritionist