The 4 fundamental rules to gain muscle mass

07 June 2021

The 4 fundamental rules to gain muscle mass

The 4 fundamental rules to gain muscle mass

If you think that to gain muscle mass you just need to train regularly and with intensity, you’re wrong! Training is important, but it's not enough!

Muscle hypertrophy (increased muscle) occurs after weeks or months of training as a result of injuries caused by this. These injuries are natural and occur due to the rupture of fibers in the stimulated muscles, causing protein degradation. When fibers regenerate, muscle grows, becoming stronger and voluminous.

There are several factors that lead to good muscle hypertrophy, but it is important to be careful. Here are the four fundamental rules for increasing muscle mass:

1 - Training: without a doubt this is one of the most important factors in the entire process. In general, training should ensure that all muscle groups are stimulated at least 1x/week.
To better adapt each exercise, loads, number of sets, repetitions and rest, nothing better than seeking professional help from a PT, to individualize the training, adapt it to the desired needs, as well as motivate throughout the process and avoid injuries and posture errors.

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2 - Food: to gain muscle mass, it is very important to consume a little more calories than you spend, with high-quality protein foods, and the nutrition plan should be varied. Carbohydrates are also an extremely important macronutrient in addition to protein, as they are a primary source of energy for intense training. However, you should not forget fats, especially the “good” ones that must be present in the diet, as they are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, namely due to the anti-inflammatory action.

In addition to macronutrients, there must be a good supply of vitamins and minerals and all trace elements that may be lacking.

Along with training, nutrition is another of the most important factors in the entire process of increasing muscle mass, so it is important to be monitored by a nutritionist to adapt the plan to nutritional needs, in order to obtain faster and healthy results.

3 - Supplementation:
whenever it’s not possible to reach all the energy needs or any specific nutrient only through food, this must be complemented with supplements.

To promote anabolism we advise: WHEY PRO and/or VOLUMIZERand/or GAINER PRO. On the other hand, it’s important to avoid protein catabolism (degradation of the muscle), so you can also opt for HMB, especially if you have to take long breaks from training or suffer an injury.

To achieve higher load levels, you can also take CREATINE, as it allows you to increase strength as well as muscle volume.

In addition to the main nutrients, once again we remind you that micronutrients play an important role in the various physiological processes of the body, which is why a replacement of vitamins and minerals will be important: VITAMIN DAILY COMPLEX.

This intake of supplements should be recommended by the nutritionist, since the inclusion must be made according to the training and food eaten daily.

4 - Rest/Sleep:
the interval between workouts is very important for muscle recovery.

In addition to this rest, it’s important to regulate sleep cycles (quantity and quality), as it’s during rest periods that muscles grow. This is because two of the hormones involved in muscle growth are released during sleep (growth hormone early in sleep and testosterone later in the sleep).

Also, a good night's rest allows you to have more physical and mental energy to train.

In order not to lose sight of the final objective, remember the reasons that led you to this process. Consistency and discipline are just as fundamental to complementing this process as all the rules mentioned above.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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