Suga - the villain of health!

08 March 2021

Suga - the villain of health!

Suga - the villain of health!

It is no longer news that sugar directly interferes with health. But what is certain, is that most don’t even realize the amount of sugar they eat throughout the day!

This is because it is consumed in a natural way: adding sugar to coffee, milk or tea, or in a way “camouflaged” by the industry - digestive cookies, whole grains, etc..

Sugar is an energy source - 1g provides 4kcal. Sometimes, the difficult thing is to control the amount ingested daily and choose the type of sugar, as it’s sold in various forms, resulting from different manufacturing processes. The types of sugar that exist are:

- Refined sugar
- Liquid sugar
- Confectioner sugar
- Brown sugar
- Yellow sugar
- Coconut sugar
- Fructose
- Inverted syrup

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There is no such thing as a sugar that can be eaten without limit of quantity and is said to be healthy. The truth is that you should reduce the amount ingested throughout the day, removing not only these sugars from home, but always looking at food labels, as almost all contain added sugars and we cannot always perceive this by the name given to it.

Here are some tricks you can adopt to avoid sugar in your diet:

- Substitute sugar for cinnamon, vanilla essence, cocoa, coconut flakes or fruit
- Reduce the sugar you put in tea or coffee until completely eliminated
- Avoid regular consumption of desserts
- Use natural sweeteners (eg. stevia) when you need even a sweeter taste
- Opt for foods that contain less sugar on its label

Combining health and flavour makes meals even more delicious. It's all about moderation and common sense. Proof of this is the recipe suggestion we leave you with:

Cocoa & Coconut Mousse

˝ avocado
1 Banana
2 tablespoons of cocoa
2 tablespoons of grated coconut
Coconut flakes q.b

Mix everything in a blender until you have a homogeneous cream. Take it to the fridge.
Serves, decorated with coconut flakes.

We advise you, whenever possible, to give priority to sugar naturally present in foods and to educate your taste in order to reduce the need for “sweet”.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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