Strength Training, definition and benefits

22 March 2019

Strength Training, definition and benefits

Strength Training, definition and benefits

Strength Training should not be exclusively associated with the legacy of bodybuilding, although there are many references to this context, because the Force, as a conditional physical ability, is involved in the multiple daily tasks.

The Muscular Force as a concept, does not have a consensual definition, however, in a simple way, it is the neuromuscular capacity that an individual has to generate muscular tension, to try to overcome a certain resistance.

The Strength Training has as main objective the preservation and optimization of the different manifestations of the Force, as for example, the Resistant Force. The most current recommendations for health promotion, tell us to perform at least twice a week this type of training.

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One of the many advantages of Strength Training is that it can be performed by everyone and with body weight, therefore, carried out anywhere. On the other hand, and considering that the lack of time is one of the reasons presented by people for not practicing physical exercise, this type of training may be short-lived, yet with a high metabolic impact. Circuit workout is clearly a strategy to take advantage of.

Here some of the benefits of Strength training:

1. Maintenance and increase of muscle mass
2. Reduction of fat mass percentage
3. Increased bone mineral density
4. Increased musculoskeletal integrity
5. Promotion of self-esteem
6. Prevention of Metabolic and Cardiovascular diseases

By Mário Brito, Physiologist