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Product description

Instant Pre-Workout - the perfect ally to achieve your fitness goal!

Instant Pre-Workout helps you improve your body composition with maximum energy. Body composition is extremely important for athletes and people wishing to look good or simply stay healthy. Isn’t it true?

So, we present Instant Pre-Workout, a supplement that contains star ingredients with a wide range of actions:

• fat burning - Caffeine, Bitter Orange, Concentrated Cayenne Pepper Extract and Bioperine®

• muscle building - Arginine

• improved focus and concentration - Caffeine

• less tiredness and fatigue and more energy - Niacin, Caffeine, L-Taurine

• increased blood flow to improve nutrient delivery to the muscles - Arginine

Instant Pre-Workout means instant results. In this way, Instant Pre-Workout is a very strong ally for you to achieve your fitness goal.


Tribulus Strong Attitude contains two ingredients proven to increase testosterone levelsTribulus Terrestris and Zinc. Tribulus Terrestris promotes muscle growth by increasing testosterone levels. Tribulus Terrestris   also improves blood circulation, owing to protodioscin, a saponin that increases nitric acid release.

Tribulus Strong Attitude besides increasing sports performance and muscle mass, is also a sexual stimulant.

Tribulus Strong Attitude comes in capsules, which makes it a practical and efficient product, so you can take full advantage of the unique properties of this plant.

MACA PLUS, for good physical, sexual and mental performance!

Scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii, Maca is a plant native to the Peruvian Andes. Normally found at great heights, Maca has been part of people’s diet in Peru and Bolivia for over two thousand years. Maca was highly valued during the Spanish colonisation, often being used as currency.

Maca boost male and female libido. The mechanisms by which Maca increases sexual desire are still unknown. However, it is known that Maca has no effect on the hormones that influence sex drive, such as testosterone, oestrogen and luteinising hormone, amongst others. Moreover, Maca has also been found to have no neural effects.

Several studies have been conducted to investigate the aphrodisiac properties of this plant. For example, in a study conducted in healthy men where Maca was administered (1.5 g and 3.0 g) to participants for 12 weeks, sex drive increased by 24%, 40% and 42% at weeks 4, 8 and 12, respectively. Maca has also been demonstrated to reduce fatigue and decrease serum levels of lactic acid, helping improve athletic performance.

Owing to its high levels of minerals such as Calcium and Iron, Maca is also useful as a reinvigorating agent in case of malnutrition, during convalescence and in people suffering from tiredness, weakness and mental fatigue.

Maca Plus by Rocksprint also contains Zinc to boost sexual performance. Zinc plays an important role in sexual and reproductive function, as spermatogenesis is a zinc-dependent process and seminal fluid is particularly high in zinc. Low dietary levels of zinc have been associated with low circulating levels of several hormones, including testosterone. Therefore, Zinc boosts fertility and helps maintain blood testosterone levels within the normal range.

Consult the page of each product for nutritional information, when and how to take.

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