Sports massage: how does it boost your performance?

16 May 2022

Sports massage: how does it boost your performance?

Sports massage: how does it boost your performance?

The benefits of sports massage for bodybuilders are, in general, to increase their performance and competitiveness by improving their performance, helping the athlete to reach his physical potential.

The effects of high intensity training and injuries can impair the level of training development. In this sense, massage can combat the negative effects of bodybuilder training, helping the athlete to gain more muscle mass and develop a more proportional and symmetrical physique, among other benefits that we will talk about below.

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Benefits of sports massage:

1. Recovery

Muscles need, among other things, nutrients for their recovery, in order to repair the damage caused by training and to be able to hypertrophy. Massage enhances recovery time, increasing the permeability of muscle tissues and increasing microcirculation. This process is characterized by the opening of the pores, which allow the more efficient passage of fluids and nutrients, removing residues, such as lactic acid, which accumulate during training and which inhibit muscle contraction.

2. Muscle tone

Massage helps the bodybuilder to maintain a well-defined physique through good muscle tone. Damaged or strained muscle tissues do not retain blood well and as a consequence there is a deficit of essential substances reaching these, thus decreasing muscle tone. Massage using various techniques, namely pumping, helps to move fluids through blood and lymph vessels. These massage techniques provide better vascularity by increasing muscle tone, thus helping damaged and tense tissues to obtain the necessary nutrients for their growth and regeneration.

3. Prevention of sports injuries

The bodybuilding athlete can treat or prevent injuries resulting from the practice, performing an adequate massage with a qualified professional in a regular and preventive manner. Sports massage therapists can identify and treat muscle tension, as well as trigger points and scar tissues that can influence and increase the risk of injury.

4. Range of motion

Muscle tension limits range of motion and training high loads with tense muscles, can cause injury. Through massage it is possible to stretch the muscle fibers longitudinally and laterally, improving the elasticity of the tissue. Massage treatments help to release muscle tension and pressure, stretching the fascia and muscle fibers. In healing tissues, on the other hand, massage promotes the return of mobility, breaking fibrous tissues caused by over-training, previous injuries or trauma.

By Ricardo Rodrigues, Massage Therapist at Academia Bodyab

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