SOS Detox, your body say ‘thanks’

05 April 2021

SOS Detox, your body say ‘thanks’

SOS Detox, your body say ‘thanks’

It's not just the houses that wind up and clean in the spring. Also our body needs to be cleaned and detoxified, from time to time.

It’s also generally at this time of year that we begin to prepare the body for the summer by resorting to various weight loss diets and increase the practice of physical exercise.
The great goal of making a detox plan is to reduce or eliminate excess toxins that accumulate in the body and accelerate the aging process, as well as being able to cause swelling, hinder the process of weight loss and even cause acne.

During weight loss, inflammatory substances and hormones that were stored in adipose tissue begin to circulate in the blood and should be eliminated to reduce inflammation in the body and regulate the hormonal changes that occur during weight loss. So, as you make a weight loss diet, it is important to take periods of detox to clean the body and promote healthy and long-lasting weight loss. A detox plan can also be used to prepare the body to start a weight loss diet.

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During the practice of physical exercise is produced lactic acid, the substance responsible for causing muscle pain after physical activity. In these cases, a detox plan helps to eliminate more quickly the excess of lactic acid and other inflammatory substances produced during exercise, which promotes faster muscle recovery and increased performance in training.


1. Hydration

You can choose to drink plenty of water, infusions, herbal teas, but it’s best to opt for drains that have in their constitution plant mixes with diuretic and draining action, which will help in reducing fluid retention. Try the Rocksprint Drainer and you will soon begin to feel the difference.

2. Hepatic depuration
Include in your diet cleansing and liver-protecting foods such as: celery, asparagus, sprouts, lemon, flax seeds, chia seeds, ginger, green and hibiscus tea. Another important suggestion is to resort to a detox supplement that helps your liver eliminate all the toxins you have been accumulating throughout the year. A good choice is Rocksprint Detox Fit and Detox Super Fit.

By Joana Correia, Nutritionist

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