Short time for a perfect summer body?

16 June 2022

Short time for a perfect summer body?

Short time for a perfect summer body?

Having a perfect body is not an impossible task, but neither is it a simple task. To achieve this, there are no secrets: it is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, have well-defined goals and be disciplined.

A perfect body goes beyond a beautiful silhouette. More important than that, it’s having a healthy body. Often, the desire to achieve quick results leads to unbalanced diets which, in turn, lead to pathologies.

You may not be able to have the “perfect body” in the time you have determined, but any changes you make will be important to reduce unwanted fat, gain health and confidence in your new self. And, at the end of this process, instead of having the perfect body for a specific moment, you will have a healthy body, which you must maintain over time.

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But, for that to happen, you must start by making changes in habits and lifestyles. We help with some tips:

- Eat slowly and chew your food well (increase satiety time)
- Eat all the nutrients, but in the proper amount
- Increases water consumption
- Decreases the consumption of salt, sugar and fat-laden foods
- Prefer natural and low-processed foods
- Starts or increases the intensity of physical exercise
- Learn to read the labels: pay attention to calories, fat, sugar and fiber;
- Decreases the consumption of carbohydrates at the expense of protein.

These are just a few tips, which can help you effectively deal with the difficulty of losing weight. To complement the whole process, you can also use supplements that promote weight loss, namely fat. At Rocksprint we have 2 great allies: Thermo Lady and Thermo Man. These are two thermogenic supplements, known as fat burners. Its natural plant base turns calories from body fat and food, into energy. The increase in metabolism that they cause, promotes the burning of calories throughout the day.

Rocksprint Thermo Lady and Thermo Man benefits:

- Effective fat burning;
- Increased body metabolism;
- Assists in weight loss, namely in weight management;
- Reduced appetite;
- Increased energy, therefore better performance;
- Increased muscle mass.

Still, we advise you to look for a qualified professional. We have specialized nutritional advice. Schedule now your free online counseling for any further clarification.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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