Say goodbye to goodbye muscle!

16 December 2021

Say goodbye to goodbye muscle!

Say goodbye to goodbye muscle!

A simple gesture of daily life, like a wave of farewell, can become a major constraint for many people ...

The goodbye wave, or the “goodbye muscle”, as it’s best known by everyone, is basically the rapid internal and external rotation of the forearm, which ultimately results in a swing of the entire arm that is in action. This balance, which when accompanied by a lot of adipose tissue and flaccidity in the tricep area, triggers moments of “terror” for many.

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This problem is usually verified with advancing age, assuming that all of our muscle composition loses quantity and quality when we enter the “older” ages. Not to mention the gradual loss also of collagen, which has a primary function in maintaining the firmness of the skin.

The best solution for this aesthetic problem can therefore be found by reducing the body fatty tissue present in the arms, in association with muscle strengthening, especially the triceps brachii. In view of this premise, the dietary requirement and the regular practice of physical exercise appear as inseparable allies in favor of a favorable body composition and muscular definition.

As allies there are also some advanced aesthetic treatments that use, for example, radio frequency and laser; and some massage-based treatments, including lymphatic drainage.

As a tip we leave here four specific exercises for the muscles of the triceps brachii, muscles that shape the entire back of the arm:

Exercise 1: skull crusher

Exercise 2: French triceps

Exercise 3: Unilateral triceps

Exercise 4: Chair deeps

We believe that these isolated exercises may not work miracles, but in line with a more generalized and individualized exercise plan and a more balanced diet, they will make a difference in favor of firmer arms and goodbye waves with less trepidation and constraints.

Note: for the proposed exercises we recommend that you use an overload adapted to your physical shape, and should perform them with a frequency of 3 times a week. Each exercise can be performed in 2 sets of 15 reps. In order to better adapt to your physical shape and goals, it’s always recommended to consult a physical exercise professional.

By Gustavo Levy, Personal Trainer

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