Protein Bars - a practical and delicious alternative!

10 January 2019

Protein Bars - a practical and delicious alternative!

Protein Bars - a practical and delicious alternative!

A high-protein diet is related to higher lean mass indexes and with a greater sense of satiety.

Protein intake controls the so-called "emotional" hunger, which makes protein an essential nutrient for weight loss.

For those who train and whose goal is to tone and / or increase muscle mass, it’s also essential that the pattern of protein intake be balanced and distributed regularly by the various meals of the day.

However, if a main meal easily reaches the indicated values of protein intake - around 20-30g - by the presence of meat or fish in these meals, intermediate meals are not always easy, given the lack of practical options.

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In this sense, to meet this need and to find a nutritionally adequate, practical and tasty alternative for those who are trying to lose weight or trying to increase protein intake for the purpose of toning or gaining muscle, the Protein Bars appear! Useful anytime of day and anywhere.

Benefits of Protein Bars

• Provide high biological value protein
• Contribute to maintain a regular protein intake throughout the day
• Good alternative to a post workout meal
• They have low fat and sugar content
• Practical and nutritionally complete and balanced snack
• High fiber content, which allows a greater satiety
• Easy digestion and absorption
• Pleasant taste - fill the lack of "sweet" in slimming diets

Important note: protein bars, like other food supplements, should be used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet and not as a substitute for it.

By Joana Correia, Nutritionist