Physical and mental fatigue. How to reduce?

07 September 2020

Physical and mental fatigue. How to reduce?

Physical and mental fatigue. How to reduce?

In sports where there is a need to maintain performance for an extended period of time, fatigue is shown by the inability to maintain that performance, even though exercise can be continued.

Fatigue is actually a complex state of multifactorial origin, where physical stress, combined with psychological stress, affects the athlete's performance.

- Physical fatigue: there are several types of physical fatigue because there are multiple factors that can be at the origin, yet we can consider two types: acute and chronic. The first appears after an effort and disappears with rest, while the second arises from the mismatch in the volume of training and rest.

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- Mental fatigue: affects athletes during and after tasks with a cognitive and lasting demand, which can be easily identifiable, thus causing a decrease in both performance and in the athlete's alertness.

Thus, fatigue represents a lack of vitality and generalized motivation that can lead to other symptoms and / or pathologies such as: depression, anemia, thyroid problems, among others. The state of fatigue in an athlete, whether physical, mental or a combination of the two, can result from several situations, namely, nutritionally unbalanced eating habits, lack of rest or reduction in the number of hours of sleep.

The energy requirement and the diversity of nutrients are increased in this specific group - athletes, therefore, are predisposed to a greater state of fatigue. Thus, the first step is to offer the athlete a nutritional plan adjusted to calories and with all the necessary macro and micronutrients.

When it’s not possible to meet nutritional needs only through food alone, food supplements should be considered. In these cases, we should bet on supplements that allow an intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as energizing compounds.

One of the supplements that we consider indispensable to reduce physical and mental fatigue is Rocksprint's Magnesium: a supplement of choice for sports performance, due to its richness in Magnesium. Its need on sport is even more important due to increased muscle activity and the loss of minerals through sweat.

Benefits of Magnesium:

- Better physical performance, due to better muscle contraction;
- Reduction of tiredness and fatigue;
- Normal protein synthesis;
- Prevents cramps, tremors or spasms, due to better oxygenation of muscle tissue;
- Maintenance of healthy bones and teeth;
- Improves psychological function and functioning of the nervous system.

Its high level of safety and tolerance make Magnesium a suitable supplement to reduce fatigue and muscle pain or delay its appearance during exercise.

Since Magnesium is a food supplement, it should be used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet and not as a substitute for it. Any questions book your online Counseling, completely free.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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