Osteopathy and sports performance

27 August 2020

Osteopathy and sports performance

Osteopathy and sports performance

Osteopathy is a manual therapy, with a view of the patient as a whole (Holistic), equipped with its own assessment and treatment system.

Osteopathy acts on different tissues, be they joints, muscles, ligaments, viscera, nervous, vascular and lymphatic tissue to restore and balance the function of the different structures and systems that make up our body, thus seeking homeostasis. 

The Sportsman
Today, more than ever, sport is seen as fundamental to our well-being and balance, being recommended to all age groups as it promotes physical and mental health. There are a variety of reasons to train, from maintaining of body shape to professional practice by highly competitive athletes.

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For a good sport practice, the athlete must pay attention to the quality of his physical condition, technique and nutritional needs. The requirements of these three factors vary depending on the intensity and framework of your practice.

The quality of this sports practice can be compromised by several injuries of different etiologies that can compromise the athlete's evolution and even his career, in the case of professional athletes.

Osteopathy in Sport
Osteopathy can help to treat and, mainly, to prevent the injury tendencies to which the athlete is subject, whether of postural origin (due to previous traumas or pathologies) or addiction / repetition of the movements that the practice requires.

Through various techniques, osteopathy, in a holistic concept, leads the athlete to enjoy a postural correction, reducing their asymmetries, joint restrictions, muscle shortening and / or laxidions, normalization of mobility and motility of the viscera, restoring normal circulation blood and lymphatic. All of this promotes a free, stable, fluid and balanced joint movement so that you can achieve better performance and, above all, avoid injuries that could compromise your sports career and even the quality of your life in the future.

It’s important to emphasize that Osteopathy intervenes in a multidisciplinary treatment, where it cooperates with several areas of health, not replacing the importance of any of them, but rather, adding value for a more brief and effective recovery from an injury and, mainly, in preventing it.

By António Pinto, Osteopath at Academia Bodylab

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