Organic Foods: why should we choose them?

13 January 2022

Organic Foods: why should we choose them?

Organic Foods: why should we choose them?

Increasingly concerned about food and health, namely nutritious and natural foods, people have been giving more importance to organic foods. If you are one of those people, are you informed enough about what they are and what are the benefits of consuming them?

Starting with organic agriculture: this consists of an agricultural system that respects the environment and biodiversity, obeying various practices and principles, such as respect for natural life cycles, use of animal manure as fertilizer, among other techniques that we don’t observe in intensive agriculture. With all these small changes we got the “best of both worlds”:

- Reduce the impact on the environment
- Ensure as natural foods as possible

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About organic foods, in addition to all the nutritional benefits, it’s almost like reliving and consuming what our ancestors sowed... This is because the food has a more pleasant and intense aroma, vibrant colors, pure appearance, more nutritious and rich in antioxidants, promoting health or even contributing to the prevention/treatment of diseases.

Organic agriculture perpetuates the diversity of seeds and local varieties, rejects GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) which endanger numerous varieties of great nutritional and cultural value.

Another very important aspect, which can lead you to consume organic food, is obtaining pure water in future times, as in organic agriculture dangerous products are not used, nor large amounts of nitrogen that contaminate drinking water sheets.

A point that can determine the fact that we don’t consume these foods is their cost. It usually presents, on average, twice the price compared to an intensive agriculture one, but this fact is due to a higher production cost and all the costs associated with this work.

Therefore, whenever possible, it’s important to invest in organically grown foods, as we are looking out for not only our health, but also the sustainability of the planet.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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