Nourish your muscles with Whey Prime

08 February 2021

Nourish your muscles with Whey Prime

Nourish your muscles with Whey Prime

After being extracted, the whey protein undergoes by several filtration processes, thus obtaining the 3 major types of whey protein on the market: whey protein concentrate, isolated and hydrolyzed.

Whey Prime by Rocksprint is a high quality product! In addition to giving you the best protein, it combines concentrated and isolated whey protein action with Micellar Casein and Creatine so muscle mass synthesis continues over time.

Whey Prime also has the patented Digezyme™ complex, which helps enzymes break down proteins into amino acids so that the muscles can be used as a raw material, helping to synthesize muscle mass.

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Benefits of Whey Prime:

- High protein concentration: facilitates the increase of muscle mass and hypertrophy;
- Creatine enriched: more strength and energy for high intensity workouts;
- With Digezyme™: facilitates digestion and absorption to nourish muscle;
- Good Protein / Carbohydrate ratio: by stimulating the release of insulin through the pancreas, carbohydrates will maximize protein absorption;
- Incredible tastes: to take care of muscles with a very pleasant shake.

Protein consumption should be well distributed throughout the day, with no consensus for consumption before or after training. If you ingest protein sources (food or supplements) at each meal, you end up training between meals and you are assured of the amount needed to train and to recover in the post-workout.

Whey Prime before training: high levels of amino acids in the bloodstream due to protein intake before training, which can counteract muscle catabolism. Intake of this protein with carbohydrates (Waxy Maize) promotes better absorption and better results.

Whey Prime after training: protein supplementation after training helps increase protein synthesis, decreases muscle catabolismo, as well as improves recovery. Therefore, the junction of this protein with BCAA's can and should be consumed to increase the availability of amino acids used in muscle synthesis.

Both times of protein intake are beneficial for improving sports performance when accompanied by good habits of physical exercise as well as a healthy and balanced diet.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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