No time to train on your Christmas vacation?

21 December 2020

No time to train on your Christmas vacation?

No time to train on your Christmas vacation?

Christmas is approaching and with this season comes the exaggeration of food and the lack of training. These little slips can ruin your achievements!

But fortunately there are little tricks that can help you solve all the temptations.

For food slips:

Ideally, you should prepare for this Christmas season, as family tables are so tempting and appealing that they make us forget about any diet.

For this, you must precede this season with a calorie-reduced diet. However, the big problem is when it comes to Christmas dinner. At this point, before meals deviant to the food plan, either by the richness in fat or sugar uses half an hour before the meal BLOCK FATS & CARBS by Rocksprint with two glasses of water. BLOCK FATS & CARBS blocks the absorption of fats and carbohydrates and directs them to be eliminated from the body.

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In the meal you should choose small food treats so that they do not have a big impact on your post-Christmas performance, opting for an entrée or dish or dessert. Fill the vegetable plate and attention to caloric drinks, avoiding soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

DETOX FIT will also give a great help to your body, since it activates the metabolization of fat. Thus, DETOX FIT accelerates the digestive process which is particularly important during the time of the food and post-season deviations to detoxify the body.

If you tend to gain weight, you should activate your metabolism and promote fat burning with THERMO MAN or THERMO LADY.

Do not forget the hydration! At Christmas we are more exposed to the sources of heat, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the exaggerated food that will increase the need for hydration.

For training absences:

If you are not going to train, you need extra help to avoid losing muscle mass. Therefore, you need to maintain your protein intake. ISO WHEY by Rocksprint is a excelent option, even because it increases satiety and distances you from food temptations.

Supplement with HMB it's also an option. HMB, ß-hydroxy-ß-methylbutyrate, is a metabolite of the amino acid leucine synthesized in the skeletal muscle from α-ketoisocaproate. HMB will help you gain lean muscle mass and lose what you really don’t want – body fat.

With these tips relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit.

By Carla Santos, Pharmaceutical