Main nutritional care after a competition

02 November 2020

Main nutritional care after a competition

Main nutritional care after a competition

For an athlete, eating should not be just to stop feeling hungry or savouring some food ... It’s necessary that food is adequate to his needs so that he’s in the best condition, thus adapting to the exercise stimulus.

With a balanced diet, the athlete, after the competition or training, can improve energy reserves, reduce tiredness, the risk of injury, increase performance, better recover muscles and improve health in general.

During training the glycogen reserves were reduced, or even depleted, and an oxidative state is installed which will induce physiological changes and adaptation to it. The food after competition must contain nutrients that promote these changes. In addition to good nutrition, restoring the balance of fluids and electrolytes lost through sweating, are also a priority for good recovery.

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After the competition there should be a meal in the first 30 minutes to 1 hour, since the body is more receptive, thus facilitating the absorption of nutrients. This should:
• Provide carbohydrates, along with proteins;
• Contain foods with a higher glycemic index;
• Avoid fatty foods.

For a good nutrition of the athlete, a meal after a competition should also reinforce the intake of foods rich in omega 3 in order to model inflammation. In addition, eating foods rich in antioxidants help to block and neutralize the action of free radicals produced during physical exercise.

All nutrients can be obtained through food, but it may still be necessary to take food supplements, as it’s not possible to reach the athlete's total needs. Post-workout supplements are a good solution. There are several options, with Glutamine being our favourite today. When physical exercise is intense, Glutamine levels tend to decrease, so food alone is not enough to replace this deficiency, so supplementation of this amino acid should be recommended. Glutamine supplementation is usually done by athletes with the aim of maintaining muscle and preventing infections, especially during the competition period.

Rocksprint solutions - Glutamine Advance Recoup or Glutamine Kyowa have the following main benefits:
- Nourishes the muscles;
- Prevents catabolism;
- Defines muscles;
- Prevents injuries;
- Improves sports performance;
- Improves the immune system;
- Maintenance of intestinal and cardiovascular health.

Glutamine is indicated for athletes who train with intensity. Do you still have doubts if this is the right supplement for you? The ideal is to follow the guidance of a professional, so schedule now your Online Counseling now, in the exclusive Rocksprint service.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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