Macrobiotic diet: what it is and what its benefits

09 November 2020

Macrobiotic diet: what it is and what its benefits

Macrobiotic diet: what it is and what its benefits

There are several ways to have a healthy diet. Nowadays, there is a growing group of people who, for various reasons (religious, ethical, economic, etc.), adopt a non-traditional diet (vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, etc.).

The word macrobiotic originates from the Greek (macro = great and bio = life) and means great life or the art of great life with health and joy. It’s based on the ancient Chinese principles of yin and yang, which represent opposite forces, but which complement each other and which exist in all aspects of life and the Universe.

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The macrobiotic diet defends a balance between these two concepts, that is, eating proportionally yin and yang foods. These are the ones that approach a sodium / potassium ratio similar to our organism, that is, 1 part of sodium to 5 parts of potassium.

The following food groups should be part of the macrobiotic diet:
- 50% whole grain cereals and with preference for rice
- 30% leafy vegetables and roots
- 10% of legumes (grain, beans, lentils, etc.) and algae
- 10% of animal products (preferably fish) and fruit

In addition to these food groups, the following aspects should be taken into account:
- The fat to be eaten must be of vegetable origin;
- The consumption of fruits and vegetables must be according to the season and geographical area;
- Avoid drinking liquids during the meal and give preference to water from food and digestive teas after meals;
- Meals must be eaten in a calm and comfortable environment;
- Chewing food should be done calmly.

The macrobiotic diet has a low fat and cholesterol content and a high content of complex carbohydrates and fibre, being, therefore, a type of food suitable for an athlete.

People are all different and, as such, we have to have different approaches and solutions that best adapt to each one of them. For any further clarification, schedule your free online consultation with one of our sports nutrition specialists, at the exclusive Rocksprint Counseling service. Schedule now.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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