Low Carb Diet: how it works and what to eat

09 June 2022

Low Carb Diet: how it works and what to eat

Low Carb Diet: how it works and what to eat

A low carb diet is a diet low in carbohydrates and has an intake of high amounts of protein. The principle of this diet is that by restricting carbohydrates, we don’t supply the body with energy, so it uses fat reserves as energy.

In a traditional diet plan we suggest an intake of 50 to 60% of the total carbohydrates caloric value, which represents 250-300 g of carbohydrates in a 2000 Kcal plan. While in a low carb diet, the recommended intake is about 10 to 20%, which implies reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to 50 to 100 g. This reduction leads to the elimination of some foods from the diet plan, such as: cereals, legumes, tubers and sometimes fruit.

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Main benefits of the low carb diet:
- Greater weight and fat loss;
- Regulation of insulin levels and decreased blood glucose;
- Decrease in cholesterol, mainly LDL and triglycerides;
- Reduced feeling of hunger.

There are even more benefits of a low carb diet, however it’s important to always consult with a health professional, as there may be health conditions that don’t allow this sudden change.

Predominant foods on a Low Carb diet:
- Meat (mainly lean) and Fish - good source of protein, omega 3 and essential fatty acids;
- Oilseeds and Fruits - good source of fat and fiber;
- Vegetables (mainly broccoli, spinach and kale) - rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
- Fat (olive oil, avocado, coconut oil) - source of healthy fat;
- Hydration: intake of at least 1.5L of water or tea to benefit weight loss.

In order for these foods to bring their benefits to the low carb diet, it’s necessary to eat them in a regular and appropriate way for each person, as well as it is essential to exclude others, such as: refined sugars, trans fats, processed food, etc.

To complement the Low Carb Diet, you can take Rocksprint's Iso Whey protein, an isolated whey protein with few hydrates and fats, the ideal combination if you want to lose weight and fat in the short term. Still, you should always associate regular exercise so that the results may be instant.

If you need more clarification or have doubts if this method is the best for you, book your online nutritional advice completely free. Book now!

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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