Joint Plus, say goodbye to skeletal muscle pain!

02 March 2020

Joint Plus, say goodbye to skeletal muscle pain!

Joint Plus, say goodbye to skeletal muscle pain!

Several studies argue that a regular physical activity can reduce weight, increase muscle mass and maintain a "beautiful body", plus it helps in quality of life, well-being and health in general.

Even so, if there is no rest or adequate nutrition, the body goes into deficit, manifesting early fatigue or even injury.

Even with much care, the athletes, namely the high-intensity or impact sports athletes are the one who suffer the most from wear knees, ankles and hips that cause pain and often lead to the inability to train or have the desired sports performance.

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As soon as the pain arises, it is important to act immediately to avoid further damage of the affected structure, or even loss of function. Rocksprint's Joint Plus is the ideal solution to say goodbye to skeletal muscle pain.

Rocksprint's Joint Plus has powerful anti-inflammatory substances and natural analgesics that will treat your skeletal muscle pain: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Boswellia and Vitamin C.

Rocksprint’s Joint Plus benefits:
- Decreased inflammation;
- Decreased in joint pain;
- Strengthens joints;
- Regenerates cartilage;
- Maintenance of healthy bones.

Joint Plus allows a reduction in skeletal muscle pain and maintenance of healthy joints so that you can decrease the risks of injury and give the best of you in each workout or test.

Joint Plus is a food supplement and should be used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet but not as a substitute for it.

Doubts about the right supplement for you? Schedule your free online consultation with one of our Sports Nutrition Specialists, on the exclusive Rocksprint Counseling Service.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist