Iso Whey - your protein of choice!

28 February 2022

Iso Whey - your protein of choice!

Iso Whey - your protein of choice!

Protein is an essential component in the diet of anyone, especially those who practice bodybuilding.

Whey protein is a by-product that results from the transformation of milk into cheese. Isolated whey protein comes from the same process, what makes it different is its low fat and carbohydrates.

Iso Whey by Rocksprint is an isolated protein that has undergone a filtration process, has low carbohydrate and fat content and protein content is superior when compared to other proteins on the market.

Iso Whey offers several benefits such as:

- Development and maintenance of muscles;
- Improves sports performance;
- Muscle recovery;
- Decrease of fat mass ("dry");
- Regenerates muscle fibres quickly;
- Provides essential amino acids for a good hormonal balance.

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To take advantage of these benefits you can also associate other supplements (HMB,BCAA's, Creatine), never neglecting the balanced diet and good practice of physical exercise.

Advantages of taking protein isolate Iso whey:

- Low concentration of carbohydrates and fat: when we compare this protein to the concentrate, due to the purification process, the fat and carbohydrate content is almost zero, becoming an ally for those who have a restricted diet in these components;

- Lack of lactose: for lactose intolerant the use of isolated protein is an advantage, because the lactose concentration is minimal.

- Higher protein concentration: compared with concentrated proteins, the isolate contains a higher protein content of high biological value, which translates into better nutrition for your muscle.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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