Increase the volume of your muscles with Volumizer!

16 February 2021

Increase the volume of your muscles with Volumizer!

Increase the volume of your muscles with Volumizer!

Volumizer by Rocksprint is a supplement used for anyone who wants to increase muscle volume but has difficulty only through feeding, training or other supplements.

If you want to increase muscle volume, you need proper training, complete and healthy nutrition, which provides enough energy to increase the synthesis process of new tissues and of course a good supplement.

Volumizer is the ideal supplement to achieve this goal. It is a supplement that fits into the category "Gain Muscle Mass". Its composition rich in carbohydrates (maltodextrin), protein, creatine, L-arginine, potentiate all muscle protein synthesis. To boost the muscle increase you can associate with Volumizer, whey protein,BCAA's and Creatine.

The composition of Volumizer is also rich in substances that stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the cells, promote blood vessel dilation, improve the efficiency of muscle nutrition and therefore there is a greater stimulus of muscle mass synthesis.

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Essential Benefits of Using Volumizer:

- Increased muscle volume;
- It facilitates energy intake;
- Recovery and maintenance of muscle and immune system.

The Volumizer intake should be associated with a balanced diet and regular exercise to achieve your goals.

At Rocksprint we have free nutritional counseling, schedule an appointment with one of our Sports Nutrition specialists and clarify all your doubts!

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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