How to improve body posture?

11 October 2021

How to improve body posture?

How to improve body posture?

“How to improve body posture? “ This is a question for which there is no answer or miraculous conduct, like those accessories in television commercials, where the person wears a shoulder support or a girdle and corrects their posture instantly, or, better yet, achieves that goal if used “a few hours a day”.

The truth is that there is no ideal, correct or best posture for anything. Our body is dependent on movement which, in turn, depends on stability, flexibility, strength, endurance and control of the musculoskeletal system (not to mention that this is controlled by the nervous system). Therefore, static posture says very little about the person. And the direct consequences of a so-called “bad” posture are not well established.

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The relationships of posture with episodes of pain or dysfunction are also not found in several studies around the world. What may exist in this relationship is the excessive time spent in a certain position and the lack of preparation of your system – your body – to support this workload.

In other words, nowadays, we should not only correct posture or have this as a goal within a treatment or therapeutic approach… Of course, it may be necessary to avoid some postures at some points during the treatment, but the best tip is: do exercise! Do well-assisted strength, flexibility, resistance exercises, as they will bring more lightness to your body, and one day, when looking in the mirror, you will notice the difference. Because a healthy person instinctively has better posture.

By Igor Barros, Physiotherapist and Clinical Exercise Specialist

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