How to Avoid Recovering Lost Weight, “yoyo” effect

14 October 2019

How to Avoid Recovering Lost Weight, “yoyo” effect

How to Avoid Recovering Lost Weight, “yoyo” effect

Most of the people has a difficult fight with the balance and the more they diet, the more they encounter the “yoyo” effect (regain lost weight).

A dietary restriction leads to weight loss, often in a short period of time, but general changes in diet or long-term exercise do not occur, leading to a regain of weight that they had initially or more.

To lose weight one of the fundamental pillars is a personalized diet plan by a nutritionist who knows the your nutritional and health status. Still, diet alone may not be enough in a maintenance phase in which hormonal “deregulation” and the weariness of a long restrictive diet leads us to gain a voracious appetite again. At this stage the practice of physical exercise is fundamental for success and weight maintenance.

Once those extra pounds are lost, this new weight must be maintained. But this task proves to be the hardest! With that in mind, Rocksprint presents you with some strategies to help you in this new stage:

- Do not resume old habits after a calorie restricted diet;

- Maintain or start a physical exercise on a regular and intense basis;

- Monitor your weight with nutritional monitoring to match your calorie needs to your nutritional plan and keep the weight maintenance commitment;

- Start the day with a nutritionally balanced breakfast and keep all daily meals so that there is no overeating or unwanted snack;

- Don't forget protein consumption at every meal for a good balance of muscle satiety and maintenance.

- Maintain a good water consumption for the proper functioning of the body;

- Write what you eat to understand what you are doing wrong and maintain a good balance of nutrients;

- Weekends or feast days should not be of total abuse, there may be an exception (sweet or salty) but you should not eat “cheat meals” on all your meals.

Moderation, control and discipline will help you maintain a long-term controlled weight as long as you make good changes in eating habits and physical activity.

In addition, dietary supplements can be that extra help you need to achieve your weight loss and maintenance goals. At Rocksprint we have several options (Detox Fit, Drainer; Thermo Man and Thermo lady; Carnitine 3000, among others). You can see the products available in the “Weight Loss” section here.

One tip: the idea is to think that you are not on a diet, but on a healthy lifestyle that allows you to live longer and with a better quality of life!

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist