Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions rule the access and use of the website and online store www.rocksprint.com, hereinafter referred to as “Rocksprint”, property of Healthex Europe Lda., with head office at Rua Passos Manuel 83B, 1150-260 Lisboa, VAT number 513447997 registered at the Commercial Registry of Lisboa, Portugal.  
For any clarification about the present Terms and Conditions, as well as any other questions, contact us by email care@rocksprint.com.

The products and services for sale on the website www.rocksprint.com are available exclusively for final users (“consumers”), hereinafter referred to as “customer”, and are not valid for entities that acquire them under their commercial, industrial, craft or professional activity.

The placement of orders is barred to minors under 18 years old. The customer undertakes to provide true information that enables us to correctly process the orders.

In using this website, the customer is agreeing with the conditions of access, use and sale. We reserve the right to remove or change the terms and conditions as well as the available products and services. Changes will be published on our website at www.rocksprint.com.


Rocksprint uses an advanced security system for its servers through a SSL digital certificate which encrypts the data, protecting all the information of its customers. The payment details are not kept.
Rocksprint strives to ensure the sound operation of this website and shall not be held accountable for any loss or damage that may arise from its use or the use of all and any information contained therein.

This website has various hyperlinks to other websites. We recommend that you examine the privacy statements relative to all websites of third parties in order to understand their procedures to collect, use and disclose their information. If you decide to visit these third party websites through these links, accept that you must inform yourself about the content of these third party websites. Rocksprint is not responsible for the contents of the third party websites included in the links or for the use of these websites.
For information about the privacy policy, please consult the space dedicated to the detailed explanation of our “Privacy Policy”.


The privacy policy governs the access to and use of personal data of customers and users of the website and online store www.rocksprint.com, hereinafter referred to as “Rocksprint”, property of Healthex Europe Lda., with head office at Rua Passos Manuel 83B, 1150-260 Lisboa, VAT number 513447997 registered at the Commercial Registry of Lisboa, Portugal.

For any clarification about the present Terms and Conditions, as well as any other questions, contact us by email care@rocksprint.com.

The personal data provided in connection with the use of the rocksprint.com website will be retained, provided there is a mutual interest in maintaining the purpose of the processing or even when the customer exercises his right of deletion, annulment or opposition thereto.

Your privacy is very important to Rocksprint. Rocksprint acts with great commitment and responsibility in maintaining the security of this website and protecting the data of its customers. The data of Rocksprint customers will not be disclosed to third parties.

The updating of this privacy policy will always be made on this page or others intended to communicate new contents.

3.1 What information do we collect and for what purpose? 
At Rocksprint we only collect the necessary information to be able to process your orders, carry out surveys, accept your participation in marketing actions or other actions of promotional nature, send notifications, information and newsletters, as well as for statistical effects.
At Rocksprint we collect the name, email address, telephone number, postal address, address for delivery of orders.
For purposed of control and prevention of fraud, we may validate your data before processing your order.

3.2 How to access, change or delete your personal data? 
The customer may, at any time, automatically and definitively access, consult, change and delete her/his personal data.
The customer may also, at any time, automatically and definitively cancel the subscription to any informative or commercial newsletter.
For such, the customer should access her/his personal reserved area on the website, making the alterations considered necessary. Alternatively, the customer may do so in writing through the email address care@rocksprint.com. In this case, we shall take the necessary security and privacy measures to confirm your identity before assuring access or proceeding with alterations.

3.3 Who has access to the information 
The access to the information is restricted. This access is only used to be able to satisfy your orders, accomplish your payments and provide customer care.

3.4 Cookies and other technologies 
Rocksprint automatically collects information whenever someone visits its websites, attributing this person a "cookie" (small package of information about this user which is stored in your device). This data is snot supplied by the user – it is collected automatically as a means of facilitating the links to the websites and their use.
In addition to the cookies, some of our pages on the internet and HTML messages include "pixel tags" (markers) that enable us to follow the steps of the users on our websites and the steps of the receivers of our communications. These markers are used to collect data, not identifiable as people, which help us to determine popular destinations, and in this way improve the relevance of the information that we provide to the visitors.
These markers which are used to collect data, not identifiable as people, enable us to improve the use of the website or optimise the users' navigation on the website and develop programmes and contents according to the interests of the visitors.

The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of the contents of the website without written prior authorisation is prohibited for purposes other than strictly personal use.
Rocksprint reserves the right to modify, at any time, the information and commercial offer about: products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions and services.
Every effort was made to ensure that the information presented herein is free of typographical, typing or publication errors, and whenever they do occur Rocksprint will immediately proceed with their correction..

The photographs presented on the website are merely illustrative. As such, Rocksprint recommends that the customer consult the detailed description of the product in order to obtain the full information on the product's features.

Rocksprint is not directly or indirectly liable for any information, content, affirmations or expressions that feature in the texts of the of the articles sold on the website. The authorship of the product descriptions is the responsibility pf the manufacturers and distributors of the articles in question.
In the event that the presented information does not correspond to the real features of the product. The customer is entitled to the right to cancel the purchase and sale contract under the legally applicable terms.

If the presented information does not correspond to the real features, retail sale price or to correct information about the product's availability, the customer will be informed and will only have the right to cancel the purchase in question.

The prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. If a product is out of stock, Rocksprint does not guarantee its future renewed availability. If an order is processed and, even so, the products involved are out of stock, Rocksprint will inform you of this fact and ensure payment of the corresponding refunds within a maximum of 30 days counted from becoming aware that the products are out of stock.

The prices presented by Rocksprint include VAT at the legal rate in force and can be presented in different currencies according to the country and/or language of origin chosen by the customer.
The prices of the products can be changed, with Rocksprint reserving the right to do so without issuing prior notice. The orders are processed at the presented price unless it contains errors. In these cases, Rocksprint reserves the right to not process the order, informing the customer.

The value of the ordered products is increased by transportation costs payable by the customer which will be duly explained and presented to the customer before she/he finishes the order.

Placing orders in Rocksprint is very simple, fast and safe. We work permanently so that the customer can quickly and very intuitively find her/his favourite products, buy them, pay securely and receive them conveniently at the selected address.

Order process
Find the products you are looking for through the navigation menus or search fields.

2. See all the product features. We offer a lot of information so that you can find the best product for your purpose.
3. Choose the quantity and the flavours (when applicable) and click on the "Add to Cart" or "Buy" button.
4. Continue shopping or see what you have in the cart as well as the corresponding shipping costs. You can make any changes you want. When everything is as you want, click on the "Finish" button. The next stage is divided in x steps:

a. RocksprintPoints: Step where you can still choose offers if you have RocksprintPoints.
b. Shipping: Step where you choose the place where you will receive your order as well as the transportation service.
c. Payment: Step where you will choose your method of payment among the various options provided by Rocksprint:
d. Confirmation: you will then have access to a window that summarises all the information of your order – products, prices, discounts, points, offers, delivery address and method of payment. When clicking on the "Confirm" button, you finish the order by entering the payment platform [external to the Rocksprint website].
e. Confirmation email: after the payment, the customer will be sent an email confirming the order and its payment.
f. Order tracking: from this moment onwards, the customer can follow the processing of the order by accessing the customer's reserved area of the online store. We will also send some emails, informing you about on the main developments until you receive the order. In case of doubts, the customer can contact Customer Care through the customer's area, the online chat or email care@rocksprint.com

Rocksprint reserves the right to cancel or not process an order in any of the following situations:
1. Billing or delivery information is incorrect
2. Product is no longer in stock
3. Order is flagged as susceptible to fraud by our payment validation services
4. The cashpoint machine payment (Portugal) did not occur within 3 days after the issue of the entity/reference
5. We identify repeated orders, paid by cash on delivery, placed by the same customer, with a history of orders not received 
6. There was an error in the prices visible in the store

At Rocksprint we provide various methods of payment so that the customer can find the one that is best for her/him. The payments are always made in EUROS. According to each market, we offer the following options:

a. Cashpoint machines (available in Portugal) 
At the end of the order we will send the customer a confirming email, providing the necessary data for the payment of the order – entity, reference and value. This data is also included in the conforming email so that the customer can make the payment of the order at any of the cashpoint machines or via home banking by using the Payment of Purchases option. If the order is not paid within 3 days after the order has been placed, Rocksprint reserves the right to cancel the order, not guaranteeing the availability of stock. In order to ensure timely delivery, we recommend that the customer make the payment right after having placed the order.

b. Paypal

Payment by Paypal is fast and safe. If you don't yet have a Paypal payment account, you can create it at www.paypal.com or else do it at the time of payment of your order. Rocksprint does not keep any information or data on access to its Customer's Paypal account. This information is given outside the Rocksprint store under high standards of privacy and security.
Paypal is a payment service used all over the world.

c. Credit cards 

You can make the payment in a safe manner through Visa or Mastercard credit cards.
For security reasons, all payments require prior validation in order to detect illicit situations. All activities considered illicit are immediately communicated to the competent authorities.

Only credit cards associated to the 3D Secure security protocol are accepted. In order to know if your credit card supports this security protocol, please contact your bank or the entity responsible for your credit card.

At the end of the order, the customer will be redirected to a payment platform external to Rocksprint where the customer should enter the data on her/his credit card, namely the card number, name recorded on the card, expiry date and CVV number (situated on the reverse side of the card). This stage takes place is a secure environment which assures the privacy and security of the customer's payment details.

Rocksprint neither has access to nor keeps payment details of credit cards.

If any error occurs in the payment, the customer is immediately informed through information on the screen. Should this occur, we recommend trying a second time. If the same error occurs again, the customer should contact her/his bank or the entity responsible for the credit card.

d. Payment on delivery (available in Portugal) 
This payment option has an additional cost of 3,5 euros.

If the customer does not want to use an automatic and secure payment method like a cashpoint machine, Paypal or credit card, the customer can ask for the order to be paid on delivery. Orders sent for payment on delivery are limited to a maximum value of 200 euros.

When receiving the order, the customer can pay in cash or through a debit card (cashpoint machine, for example) (cheques are not accepted). The payment should be made to the transporter that delivers the order. We recommend that you use a debit card. If the customer decides to pay in cash, then the customer is responsible for having the correct amount. The transporter might not have change available.

If the customer has a recorded history of non-received orders, Rocksprint reserves the right to cancel the respective order. The customer will be notified by email. The customer can place a new order, selecting another method of payment.


Orders placed and paid until 4pm will be shipped on the same day and delivered the next business day, except for some embarrassment outside of Rocksprint . In some areas of Spain delivery may take 2 business days.

If any error or missing information is detected in the delivery address, you will be contacted immediately and you will have 5 days to respond. In case you dont respond within this period Rocksprint reserves the right to cancel the order as well as the related payment associated with it.

When the order is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with all the data delivery as well as a link to be able to do the tracking / monitoring of your order on the internet. This information may take a few hours to be available.

The orders will be delivered by the carrier DPD/SEUR, Nacex e GLS.

DPD/SEUR PickUP (Portugal)

For convenience we recommend that customers choose to collect your order in DPD's Pickup station in your area. The DPD/SEUR offers a very wide range of time with extended stores where you can conveniently collect your order (tobacco shops, laundries, cafes, etc.).

When your order is in the Pickup point that you chose the customer will receive an SMS with this information and the opening hours of the establishment, taking 10 days to lift the embedding . After this deadline the same will be returned to our warehouses. The non-withdrawal of the order has an administrative cost of 10Euros which will be deducted from the amount of the charge to be made to the customer.

Service available for orders weighing up to 10 kg.


The customer can freely resolve the related products in the online store rocksprint.com. You can do this freely and autonomously by the means described below.

Cancellation of order
The customer can cancel her/his order provided that it has not yet been shipped. To do this, just go to your reserved area and consult the status of the order. If the status of the order is “Registered” contact Customer Care through the mobile number +351 93 991 3284 or email care@rocksprint.com so that we can annul your order free of costs.
If the order has already been shipped, contact Customer Care through the mobile number +351 93 991 3284 or email care@rocksprint.com to cancel shipping with the carrier. The order will then return to our warehouse. After it has been received in the warehouse, the reimbursement/refund process will be initiated.
The refund will be made by the same means with which you made the payment and only after the article(s) has(have) been received and the respective status checked. Alternatively, the customer can choose the issue of a coupon, valid for 12 months for use in future purchases at Rocksprint. For further information about reimbursement, consult "Reimbursements". In cases where the cancellation occurs after the order has been shipped, we reserve the right to charge the customer the corresponding processing and shipping costs for sending and return plus 4 (four) euros relative to administrative processing and logistic costs.

Return of Items
The customer has the right to cancel the contract and return her/his order in the first 14 calendar days counted from the date it was received, complying with the following requirements:

a. Product(s) that are not as new will not be accepted. This means products that are not properly closed or sealed (as originally), not with the original label, which have scratches on the packaging or label, visible external damage, the transporter's label stuck to the product and with expiry period of less than 30 days.
b. The article should be accompanied by all the items sent in the order including any offer products or products exchanged under the RocksprintPoints programme.

If the customer returns products that do not comply with the requirements mentioned above, they will not be accepted and the customer will have 10 days to collect them from the Rocksprint warehouse. The costs of this collection will be payable by the customer.

After confirming that the product and order are in conformity with the conditions for return of items, the customer should follow the steps indicated below.

1. Complete the online form for return of items
a) Is the customer registered on the website?
Login using the Rocksprint registration data, access "My orders", select the order to be returned and click on the "Return" button. Follow all the steps that are indicated.

b) If the customer is not registered on Rocksprint, the link sent in the initial e-mail confirming the sending of the order should be used.

c) The customer should never return any order without having first completed the online return process or contacting our customer care service. We will not accept the return of items that has not been previously communicated through these means.

2. Packaging the product
a. The products should be packed in the original transportation box (removing all the labels) or in an appropriate transportation box, together with a copy of the invoice.
b. Close the transportation box with resistant adhesive tape.
c. Stick the "Back" label of the transporter that was delivered together with the order.
d. Contact Customer Care to schedule the collection – the collection cost may be imputed to the customer, of the value of 4 euros (VAT included).

3. If the customer does not have the "Back" label, the order should be sent via a transporter to:
Healthex Europe Lda.  Online Returns
Rua Passos Manuel 83B
1150-260 Lisboa

The refund will be made by the same means with which you made the payment and only after the article(s) has(have) been received and the respective status checked. For further information about reimbursement, consult "Reimbursements".


We will make refunds / refunds as soon as possible and according to the payment method initially used by the customer.

In cases where the initial payment of the order was by Paypal the refund / refund will be made directly to the Paypal account of the client. The availability of the value will be made by Paypal.

Credit card
In cases where payment was made by credit card the refund / refund will be made through cancellation of the payment transaction. This cancellation will be visible in the following statement of credit card transactions. In case of doubt, the customer may consult the Bank / Issuer of the credit card with which the payment was made.

Multibanco and Shipping to Billing
In cases where the initial payment of the order was by Multibanco (entity, reference and value) or "Shipping to Billing" the refund / refund will be made to the IBAN indicated by the customer in the customer area when the return process begins.

As an alternative to the formats presented above, the customer may choose to issue a coupon, valid for 12 months for use in future purchases in Rocksprint.
The repayment and chargeback methods presented are not all available for all countries.

The alternative settlement of disputes is the possibility available to all consumers of appealing to official entities to help them in the settlement or guidance of any conflict, before filing legal action in court.
As a rule, the procedure is as follows: the customer asks an impartial third party to intervene as an intermediary between her/himself and the merchant against whom the complaint is directed. The intermediary can suggest a solution for the complaint, impose a solution on both parties or gather the parties together to find a solution.
You may be familiar with the concept of alternative settlement of disputes by another name: ‘mediation’, ‘conciliation’, ‘arbitration’ or ‘competent commission in the context of consumer disputes’.
The alternative settlement of disputes is usually less expensive, less formal and faster than judicial means.
In any case, you can contact the centres indicated below. Access the centre of your region and consult the available contacts. If you any further information, please contact us through your reserved personal area or the online chat at Rocksprint.

Entities for the Alternative Settlement of Disputes
CNIACC – National Centre of Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts


CIMAAL - Centre of Information, Mediation and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of the Algarve

Centre of Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of the District of Coimbra

Centre of Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Lisbon

Centre of Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Porto

Centre of Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Vale do Ave / Arbitral Court

Centre of Consumer Information, Mediation and Arbitration

Centre of Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts of Madeira

Centre of Arbitration of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa