Healthy liver? The answer is Rocksprint Detox Fit!

03 January 2022

Healthy liver? The answer is Rocksprint Detox Fit!

Healthy liver? The answer is Rocksprint Detox Fit!

Detoxifying is one of the most important processes for maintaining the health of our body. Every day our body has the ability to remove the excess toxins it receives daily, but it may not be enough…

If there is an overload, this natural excretion is prevented and help is needed through detox diets or supplements.

And this is where Rocksprint DETOX FIT comes in, a supplement designed to help your body detox, but not only. Detox FIT has as its main benefits:

- Normal liver metabolism and fighting free radical formation: detoxify and eliminate substances that are foreign and harmful to our body;

- Stimulates the digestive process: improves digestion and stimulates the functioning of the gallbladder, thanks to the action of Artichoke and Dandelion;

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- Muscle Mass Formation: is involved in breaking down proteins into amino acids and directing them where they are needed, particularly for muscle mass formation;

- Reduction of muscle fatigue: metabolizes toxic substances that can compromise fatigue;

- Normal energy-producing metabolism: Vitamin C present in this supplement promotes the protection of cells against unwanted oxidation, reduces tiredness and fatigue and the normal functioning of the immune system;

To take full advantage of this supplement and to avoid liver overload with toxins, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle where diet and good physical activity are present, as well as a reduction in sugar intake, salt, alcohol and fat.

Although Detox Fit has no significant side effects, you can and should answer your questions through our Nutrition Counseling, an exclusive Rocksprint service.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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