Health and Sports Performance Pack

21 April 2022

Health and Sports Performance Pack

Health and Sports Performance Pack

The practice of physical exercise throughout life is varied, with changes in intensity, frequency, and type of sport, among other factors. Still, the important thing is to be active in any age group.

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The benefits of physical exercise for health are varied, such as: combating some diseases or health conditions, weight control, and increased energy levels, among others.

Any athlete, whether professional or amateur, wants to increase performance, however, there are some factors linked to the nutrition that can contribute to lower performance, when neglected. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt strategies before, during, and after each training session or race. In addition, a supply of macro and micronutrients, correct hydration, and intake of essential nutrients for muscle regeneration, are essential for every athlete. With that in mind, we leave suggestions to optimize health and sports performance:

- Modulation of pain and inflammation: muscle damage and inflammation induced by exercise can be mitigated through an anti-inflammatory diet, through the use of ginger, turmeric, avocado, fatty fish, red fruits, and tomato, among other foods, and complemented with omega 3 supplementation.

- Elimination of toxins: the production of free radicals in a more accelerated way caused by sport can be attenuated, thus decreasing cellular aging. For this, strategies such as detox juices with green leafy vegetables, fruit rich in antioxidants, and supplementing with Detox Fit can be used.

- Reinforcement of the immune system: the practice of physical exercise, followed by insufficient periods of recovery, reduces our body's defense capabilities. To avoid periods of a break due to illness, it is recommended to use foods and supplements rich in Probiotics,glutamine, and vitamin c.

- Adequate nutrition: a diet rich in different macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) adjusting the amounts for each athlete is essential so that he can have the desired performance or even improve performance. For this, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist for the elaboration of an individualized and adapted plan.

For good performance, you need iron health!

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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