Golf: why exercise can improve your game

19 November 2020

Golf: why exercise can improve your game

Golf: why exercise can improve your game

Golf can be seen by many, very briefly, as just a game of club and ball. However, it’s a much more comprehensive sport with great physical and mental demands.

Most experts say that, after close contact with the sport it’s difficult to imagine not playing again, and all those who seriously embark on Golf are destined for a lasting relationship.

Over time, the sport has evolved, updating materials and equipment, in order to provide greater comfort and allow its users greater freedom of movement. Consequently, its technical requirements have also been increasingly improved, evolving to a more efficient posture and a more powerful swing.

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However, golfers (as in the general population) over the years show a decrease in cardiovascular capacity, as well as a decrease in muscle mass, and, as a consequence, there is a significant loss of mobility and flexibility. Thus, there is a greater difficulty in maintaining the ideal posture in the adress and in achieving a broad and fluid backswing, among others. Consequently, it leads the practitioner/athlete to lose distance or, even more serious, to the appearance or aggravation of swing errors such as slides, hooks, etc.

In this sense, golf practitioner, in addition to great athletes, should invest in an adequate physical preparation that ensures, safely, improve their cardiovascular capacity and strengthen their entire musculature in general. In this way, the development of skills and strength necessary to achieve higher performances is promoted, decreasing and / or preventing the risk of injury.

Therefore, it’s recommended that, in addition to the practice of Golf, the practitioner/athlete seeks a qualified professional who guides the practice of a stabilization training, strength and adequate power. The practitioner will not only ensure a more strengthened core, determinant in the stabilization of the spine and hips (which will allow him to train to improve all his movement and technique in the modality), but also to improve his physical condition in general.

Good training!
By Ricardo Jesus, Personal Trainer at Academia Bodylab

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