Glutamine Advance Recoup, nourish and define your muscles!

21 March 2022

Glutamine Advance Recoup, nourish and define your muscles!

Glutamine Advance Recoup, nourish and define your muscles!

L-Glutamine is an abundant amino acid in plasma and muscle tissue and can be synthesized through other amino acids by our body.

Glutamine can be found in food supplements, in its free form or linked to other amino acids, or even in various foods such as meat, fish, eggs, beans, cabbage, peas and spinach, among others.

When physical exercise is intense, Glutamine levels tend to decrease, so that nutrition alone is not enough to replace this deficiency and supplementation should be recommended. Glutamine supplementation is usually done by athletes with the purpose of maintaining muscles and preventing infections, especially during the competition period.


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Rockprint Glutamine Advance Recoup is a formula enriched with L-Glutamine and Vitamin B6 that will nourish your muscle, preventing catabolism and muscle damage. The use of this supplement is critical after intense and prolonged exercise.

Benefits of Glutamine Advance Recoup:

- Avoid catabolism;
- Defines the muscles;
- Nourishes the muscles;
- Prevents injuries;
- Improves sports performance;
- Improves the immune system;
- Maintenance of intestinal and cardiovascular health.

For better physical performance and muscle maintenance you may want to combine Glutamine Advance Recoup with other supplements such as: whey protein - Whey PRO, BCAA's - BCAA 8:1:1 Extreme or Creatine - Creatine 500g. You need to adapt your needs to the type of exercise you practice, intensity and training / testing time.

Glutamine Advance Recoup is suitable for those who train hard. The ideal is to follow the guidance of a professional, always respecting the individual tolerance limits.

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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