Getting healthy together, 7 tips for couples

14 February 2022

Getting healthy together, 7 tips for couples

Getting healthy together, 7 tips for couples

Living together isn't always easy ... Many times the healthy eating routine or diet changes due to dining out, different tastes, demotivation of one of the couples, among other situations.

A recent study by the University of Glasgow, Scotland, showed that just married couples get fat on 1.8 to 2.26 kg each during the first year of marriage. People who decide to live together seem to gain weight even faster.

But that doesn’t mean that this statistic cannot be reversed! It is possible to start having a healthy lifestyle together as a couple, in fact losing weight or having a healthy diet is easier for couples, since a commitment is created and neither will want to fail.

Although the food and training plan is individualized, because the needs are different, there are options that are common and meals that can be shared.

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Stay with 7 tips to help you getting healthy together:

1. Look for a joint diet - choose something reasonable, whether for weight loss, muscle growth or another goal

2. Define goals - here the important thing is not the objective of each one, but that of the couple. This can be as simple as defining training / walking together, always having breakfast together, etc., thus avoiding giving up;

3. Fill the house with healthy food - avoid processed foods, loaded with sugar or other unnecessary nutrients, giving priority to vegetables, fruits and other nutritionally rich foods in the food you have defined;

4. Share the kitchen - cook together, in addition to sharing the cooking, save time in the kitchen and at the same time you are able to talk about each other's daily lives;

5. Plan the meal week - it is important to define a meal plan that is healthy but at the same time, that pleases both of you;

6. Talk each other - knowing the partner's goal leads to encourage him on a daily basis and it is easier to achieve the goals, (eg: reminding the partner of the benefits of drinking water);

7. Training together - nothing better than feeling the other person's motivation to motivate yourself. In addition, some exercises are designed to be done together.

It is important that both realize the importance of both practicing healthy eating. It doesn’t mean that from time to time you can’t “sin a little”, eating a food that we love.

Happy Vallentine's Day!

By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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