Fat loss vs Weight Loss. What’s the difference?

05 May 2022

Fat loss vs Weight Loss. What’s the difference?

Fat loss vs Weight Loss. What’s the difference?

When the goal is to lose weight, most people look only at the weight results, hoping that it is decreasing. In reality when talking about weight loss, it is wrongly assumed that we are thinner.

Our body weight includes components, such as: fat mass, lean mass and body water and any weight loss can be associated with one or more of these components. So, we can lose fat, but not necessarily lose weight, since there may be an increase in muscle mass, therefore, weight gain.

The most healthy and balanced and to which you should focus, is on fat loss. This leads to an improvement in general health and at the same time, better body aesthetics.

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To understand if there has been weight loss and fat loss consecutively or to have a more complete body composition assessment, different methods can be used:

- Electric bioimpedance: the measurement of body composition is made with a small alternating electric current (about 1mA) at a frequency of 50kHz, and later recording of the differential opposition of the tissues (impedance) to its path. Through this scale we were able to obtain the values ​​of weight, fat mass, bone density and lean mass.

Figure I - Bioimpedance Scale

- Skin folds: by measuring the folds with a lipocalibrator, we are able to assess subcutaneous fat in each of the measured sites. In addition, through equations that use pleats we can obtain the percentage of body fat.

Figure II -Lipocalibrator

- Perimeters Measuring: with the measurement of the perimeters we get the body volume that may indicate a reduction in fat. Still, a loss of volume does not necessarily mean a loss of fat.

Figure III - Abdominal Perimeter Measuring

As previously mentioned, when we talk about weight loss, we usually refer to a reduction in body fat and concomitant preservation of lean mass. So, to get a good result it is necessary:
- Healthy and balanced food for every need;
- Regular practice of physical exercise;
- Supplementation to optimize the function of our body's organs.

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By Adriana Martins, Nutritionist

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