Exercises with TRX for Functional Training, Part I

04 February 2021

Exercises with TRX for Functional Training, Part I

Exercises with TRX for Functional Training, Part I

In Total-body Resistance Training (TRX), better known as Suspension Training, you only work with your body weight and it can be a good tool to progressively challenge yourself.

With the TRX, by modifying only the position of the body itself you can change the level of difficulty of the exercise thus allowing you to work with progressive and variable resistors without requiring additional weights.

TRX training challenges the whole body and in various movement plans, besides promoting the stability of the core and the joints, develops your strength, muscular strength and balance allowing an improvement of the various pillars of movement essential for your day -a-day.

This type of functional training can be done anywhere and anytime. However, you must always respect some basic rules:

- Should always be carried out with the follow-up of a professional, especially at an early stage;

- Always check that the anchorage point is safe;

- If you perform the training at home and place the "Door Anchor", you must use the opposite side to which the door opens, keeping it closed (if possible locked);

- Always maintain correct posture, adapting the various positions / slopes according to the level of experience and training;

- The "ribbons" of the TRX must always be in tension, not sliding one over the other;

For each exercise, perform 2-3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions and 15-30 seconds of rest between sets, which can decrease the number of repetitions as you progress and increase the body's inclination. You can also do the circuit training.

We suggest you a set of exercises to gradually become accustomed to this functional training with TRX. Soon we will launch a second set of exercices so you can vary.


Figure 01 —  Lunge ahead

Figure 02 —  Chest Press

Figure 03 —  One-legged squatting

Figure 04 —  Inverted Rowing Closed

Figure 05 —  Frontal Elevation of Upper Limbs in Y

Figure 06 —  Bicep TRX

Figure 07 —  Dynamic Board

Figure 08 —  Moutain Climbers

By Ricardo Jesus, Personal Trainer