Do you want to train, but you are always tired?

23 April 2020

Do you want to train, but you are always tired?

Do you want to train, but you are always tired?

Fatigue is not just tiredness. It represents, in fact, a lack of energy, vitality and motivation. It can be a consequence of physical, emotional or cognitive exhaustion and.

In addition to conditioning physical performance, fatigue also decreases responsiveness, reaction and reasoning, which are extremely important in some types of sports.

As athletes are very susceptible to this scenario, there are in the market supplements that aim to optimize the physical and cognitive performance of the athlete.

Do you want to train, but you are always tired? Get to know the 5 best supplements that can help you:

1 - Vitamins from Complex B
B vitamins act on energy metabolism and insufficient intake is related to symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, fatigue and muscle pain. Exercise seems to increase the needs of these vitamins, which are also very important at the cognitive level. Of note is Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid (or Vitamin B9), whose deficit is related to states of mental fatigue, loss of memory, confusion and slower reaction rate.

2 - Vitamin C
Also known as ascorbic acid (or ascorbate), Vitamin C is involved in a large number of reactions that occur in the body, especially in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing activities. Supplementation with Vitamin C, in daily doses of 1 to 3 g, improves the efficiency of the immune system. Another benefit of consuming more Vitamin C is a reduction of late muscle soreness after strenuous exercise.

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3 - Magnesium
Magnesium is essential for the correct functioning of the neuromuscular system, and its deficiency can compromise the performance of the athlete. Deficiencies of this mineral are usually associated with tremors, muscle contractions, cramps, mood changes, confusion and disorientation, fatigue, insomnia and tachycardia. Although most people don’t have side effects, the most common complaint is diarrhea. This can be avoided by dividing the daily intake into two or more servings throughout the day.

4 - Caffeine
Caffeine is a powerful stimulant of the nervous system and is rapidly absorbed by the body. It is found in coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, in addition to being the most prominent energy boosting ingredient in most (if not all) of the pre-workout supplementsCaffeine appears to improve some mental and physical functions, increases resistance and speed of reaction, and promotes greater mental agility by reducing fatigue.

5- L-Carnitine
L-Carnitine is another supplement to take into account as it speeds up the metabolism and promotes greater energy production. This effect is achieved by transporting the long-chain fatty acids from food into the mitochondria, transforming them into energy. In addition, because Carnitine acts directly on muscle tissues, this nutrient is used by athletes to increase stamina, relieve physical and mental fatigue and promote a decrease in fat mass.

By Joana Correia, Nutritionist